Britons anxious over immigration | Mr. Soto's Human Geography |

British people welcome the cultural changes brought about by immigration but are in a state of "deep economic anxiety" as they believe it has had a negative impact on the supply of housing, jobs, schools and hospitals, according to a poll.
The study by The Observer found modern Britain to be hopeful and at ease with itself but also worried about the bleak economic outlook and its consequences.
Other concerns that emerged included a perception of worsening crime rates being heavily blamed on an influx of immigrants in recent decades.
The results revealed that while British people are less positive about immigrants in relation to the economy, they welcome cultural changes brought about by immigration, with people believing it has positively contributed to entrepreneurship, film, music, fashion and design.
There was overwhelming agreement across the country that immigration has been good for domestic cuisine, with 68% saying that it has been changed for the better.

Via Charles Tiayon