Blood Doping and Steroid Use in Sport
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Rescooped by james portelli from Doping in Sport - A Jamaican Insider's Perspective!

Blood Doping in Sports - Athletes Cheating

Blood Doping in Sports - Athletes Cheating | Blood Doping and Steroid Use in Sport |
On the last day of the 2002 Winter Olympics, 3 cross-country skiers were booted out of the Games for blood doping. Find out how this scam works, why it ehances performance in sports and what the side effects can be.

Via Renee Anne Shirley
james portelli's insight:

The effects of drug abuse on the body are profound and are well documented in the above article. Currently, olympic athletes found to have broken the banned substance list are penalised by the Olympic committee with a minimum 2 year ban for the first offence and lifetime ban for a subsequent offence. 




Abby Seitz's curator insight, February 23, 2014 11:06 PM

2002: 3 of the winter olympic cross-country skiers are found guilty of blood doping and are kicked out of the games. (VIA: @Renee Anne Shirley,

Scooped by james portelli!

Steroid Use And Blood Doping In Sports: Dr. Jay Granat TV Interview On CBC

Dr. Jay Granat, Psychotherapist and Founder talks about the dangers of blood doping and steroid use in interview with the Canadian Broa...
james portelli's insight:

Question 1: 


How would you advise a friend who is using steroids?

Justify your response by analysing and discussing the negative effects of drug abuse.


Question 2:


Should the Olympic committee increase their 2 year ban for first time offenders?


If yes, state what you feel is an appropriate ban length and discuss why.


If no, justify your decision.

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