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The Back Story On 'Curated By Intel' - Experimental 'iQ' News Magazine - SVW

The Back Story On 'Curated By Intel' - Experimental 'iQ' News Magazine - SVW | Movin' Ahead |

Tom Foremki writes: The magazine is curated by Intel employees, choosing and sharing articles from a river of media content surfaced by special tools developed by Intel.


I was pleased to hear Bryan Rhoads, the mastermind behind the project, and its Editor-in-Chief, say that I was one of the people that inspired the venture with my writings about how every company is a media company.


There is a river of content surfaced in real-time by an algorithm, using a set of online sources vetted by Intel. From that river, content is chosen by Intel staff. There is also original content from Intel sources, such as Ken Kaplan's Intel Free Press, and The Creators Project, a joint venture with Vice Media.

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Is it Better to Share on Google+, Facebook or Twitter?

Is it Better to Share on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? | Movin' Ahead |

Jeff Bullas never disappoints, this article is packed with vital information you need to know no matter if you're curating content to build your personal brand or marketing services.


Here's what caught my attention:


"The survival of the social species is a digital battle that will create opportunities and disrupt traditional business models for decades to come."


The Battle for Social


This small change to Google’s search features reveals an evolution of the web that is an early indicator of the growing battle for social that will over time produce winners and losers but will also create a web that will surprise you with its speed and capabilities. The announcement and launching of Google+ saw Zuckerberg respond with a a Skype feature offering free video calls and promising more to come.


Social is about Sharing


All marketers know that if you can make something so shareable that it goes viral then you will produce results for brands that will sell products, make people famous and maybe even position your agency as part of marketing folklore.

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