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This weekend I'm focusing on information, filtering and meaning overload and useful ways to manage and utilize it. Having said that, there's so much good information, insights and tips in this post, I have to digest it slowly.


Beth Kanter has written a great post on this subject, sharing the way she's dealing with it and the 44 people who commented on it have some great things to add to the discussion.




This morning I learned a new word for information overload - content fried from a colleague at the Packard Foundation.    It resonated.


I identify with this, here's what really caught my attention:


"The biggest difficulty I experience is the shifting from this forward flowing process of consuming, curating, and sense-making of content to learn versus to get something done".


****The latter requires a different type of attention and whole new set of information coping skills


Howard Rheingold calls this process managing your attention or “Infotention” and it is what he has been teaching in his courses.


I’ve been trying to curate content that offers ideas, tips, and resources to get past that ugly feeling of “content fried.” He curated the above mindmap.


Manage Your Attention, Not Just Your Time:


Don’t just create a to do list, lay it out on daily and weekly schedule, breaking down key tasks of the project to chunks.


****But consider the level of concentration and focus that each type of task or chunk requires – and schedule accordingly.


My question to you is:


What are your challenges? What ways are you drowning or prospering in this area? I'd love to hear from you.


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