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Smart Tips To Own A House In Dubai

Smart Tips To Own A House In Dubai | Move In Dubai |

Buying a house in Dubai is a tedious process. Real estate prices are increasing at a fast pace in the recent days. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to invest in the right property. There are certain tips that you need to follow to buy a house in Dubai. Read on to know more.


1.Understand why you want to buy property in Dubai –

Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture and zero crime rates have attracted many tourists, expats and people from all the parts of the world. Therefore, you have made a good decision by planning to buy a house in Dubai.


2.Get to know interesting facts about the city –

Before stepping on the Dubai soil, you need to find out more about the city. Right from its ancient culture to the kind of lifestyle opted by people living in the city, you need to know everything about the new land. This will help you to live happily in the new location with new people and new surroundings.


3.Choose the right home -

Conduct a comprehensive research on the area you’re targeting for your new home. You need to know about the local gym facilities, schools and other recreational places in the area. You need to buy a home based on the availability of these basic amenities. Once you see that all these facilities are in place, you can go ahead and buy the new home.


4.Be ready with all the paperwork –

You need to have your visas, passport, reference papers and the sales contract with you to finish things on a professional note. You need to sign the sales contract carefully after reading all the clauses and inform the authorities in case of any glitches.


5.Be aware of Dubai’s economical status –

You need to be aware of the city’s economy before you invest in some property. Dubai is slowly becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Right from oil industries to tourist spots, its financial status is increasing with each passing day. Before you buy property in the city, it is best to conduct a thorough research on its economy. You also need to know about the taxation rules followed in the country.


6.Inspect the property you’re going to buy –

It is very important to investigate the property you’re planning to buy. A wrong decision on your part can lead to a loss of money, time as well as resources. Issues such as leakage, breakage, scratches on doors and other such problems need to be addressed right on time to avoid problems in the future.


7. Keep the long term picture in mind –

You need to select a home that you know you’ll be spending a host of years in. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the surroundings as well.

These are some tips for buying a house in Dubai. All the best!

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Buying a house in Dubai is bound to be a profitable affair. This city is growing by leaps and bounds economically. The above mentioned tips will help you buy a house in Dubai.

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Benefits Of Renting A House – Enjoy The Flexibility

Benefits Of Renting A House – Enjoy The Flexibility | Move In Dubai |

There are many people who wish to never be a tenant in their lives. There are many reasons for that such as annoying landlords, no security and so on. However, with the skyrocketing real estate costs, it seems practical to rent an apartment instead. Though owning a property seems like the best thing to do, it seems intelligent to postpone it till the prices become affordable. During such times, it seems viable to rent an apartment in Dubai. Mentioned below are a few advantages of renting a house.


1.You can have flexible plans –

There’s more flexibility when it comes to renting a place. You can select a location as per your convenience. For example, you can buy a house that’s close to your workplace. You just have to hunt for a house that you can rent at an affordable cost. Till you buy a new home, you can rent an apartment and stay happily. You can always rent an apartment till you become financially more independent.


2.You can break the agreement -

You are allowed to break the agreement every 6 months so you can keep switching places and exploring new avenues each time. This will give you a brief idea of all the nearby places, and so you can comfortably find a location that will be your home in the future.


3.You can understand the current market situation –

Till the time you’re there on rent, you can understand and figure out the market condition and then make a thorough plan for buying a new house. The time that you’re spending in the rented house can serve as a learning period for you where you can experience staying at different places and then select the best one for yourself.


4.You do not have any financial burden –

You don’t have to keep paying money in installments for repaying your housing loan. You just have to pay a reasonable amount every month and you are sorted. On the other hand, having your own house means you have shoulder a huge monetary responsibility. You can’t just sit back and relax as you need to finish paying up the loan in order to make the house your own property.


5.You don’t have to care about the maintenance –

As you are not the owner of the place, all the housekeeping, decoration and renovation will be done by the landlord itself. You are free from this burden as you simply have to stay in the house. All the other formalities will be handled by the landlord.

So, are you ready to rent an apartment?

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Tips To Be A Good Tenant – Be Responsible

Tips To Be A Good Tenant – Be Responsible | Move In Dubai |

There are certain responsibilities you have as a tenant of a house. You are answerable to the landlord in case of any flaws on your part. Therefore, you need to keep the above tips in mind to be a good tenant.


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Yasmeen Sabt's insight:

You have just bought a flat for rent in Dubai. So it’s always better to maintain a good relationship with the landlord and be a good tenant. Read on for tips to be a responsible tenant.


Read the agreement carefully – Often tenants do not read the agreement papers carefully and sign it absent-mindedly. This often leads to arguments and misunderstandings between you and the landlord. This is not how a good tenant should be. Therefore it is essential that you sit down and read the agreement slowly and diligently. You should read the papers thoroughly without leaving out even a single word.

Get a written permission from your landlord for making any changes to the house – If you’re planning to use a carpet on the floor or wish to change the paint of a particular room, then you need to ask the landlord in advance. Do not take decisions on your own as you are the tenant and not the owner of the house. Even if the landlord has agreed to your demands, don’t forget to get a written approval for the same. The landlord may forget about such a change and you may come into trouble in the long run. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you get a written consent for revamping the house in any way.

Don’t involve the landlord in petty arguments with your neighbor – We are all adults here. It makes no sense to involve the landlord in small issues that you have with your neighbor. Often landlords do not like such confrontations and do not like to intervene. They may even begin to reconsider the idea of giving you their home. Therefore it is very important to behave in a gentlemanly manner and sort out all the minor problems yourself. If you can’t, then you can leave the place, but don’t involve the landlord in such fights. Some landlords may even go to the extent of canceling your agreement if the situation goes out of hand.

Keep the house tidy in every way – You need to treat the landlord’s house as your own and keep it neat and tidy in every possible way. Especially in case you have a pet, you need to take your landlord’s consent for the same and ensure that the pet does not dirty up the place every time. Don’t bang the window panes or the doors as they are likely to develop scratches in that case. Keep the house clean in a way that your landlord does not have any qualm whatsoever.

Pay your rent on time – Paying the rent on time is a pre-requisite for having a happy renting experience. There are many people who believe that paying the rent 2 to 3 days late will not make any difference. However, that is far from the truth. Landlords often take even 1 day into account and hence it is essential to pay the rent right on time.

Keep the above tips in mind and be a good tenant!
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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying A New House - Invest Smartly

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying A New House - Invest Smartly | Move In Dubai |
Buying a house is a life changing situation. Therefore, there are certain things like those mentioned above that you need to keep in mind before you invest in any kind of property. Factors such as location, budget and legal issues should be kept in mind before buying a house.

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Yasmeen Sabt's insight:
You may have bought an apartment for rent in Dubai, but now you are planning to buy your own house. Buying your own house is a very important decision of your life. Any wrong move on your part will shatter all your dreams of building a happy home. Mentioned below are a few things you need to consider before buying a new house.

* Select the right location – You need to select a proper location while looking for a new house. You need to ensure that the security of the place is intact. You have to make sure that the place has good hospitals and educational organizations. Only then can your medical needs be met and your children can study in good institutes as well. Therefore, the house should be in such a place that your basic needs are adequately met.

* Check your budget – You need to see if you have sufficient money to buy a house at the moment. Any kind of problem should be addressed on time. Even if you take a loan while buying a house, you should be able to repay it on time. Real estate prices are skyrocketing with each passing day, hence you need to be extremely careful before investing money in any property. Once you are sure that you have enough money and all your necessities can be met, you can go ahead and buy a house.

* Keep even the minor things in mind – Often while giving importance to bigger things, you tend to neglect the minor things. This in turn leads to grave problems in the future. While buying a house, you need to keep the major as well as the minor things in mind. For example, if you know that the place is well equipped with schools and hospitals, the next thing you need to check is whether the house has proper ventilation and the pollution in the area is controlled.

* Inspect all the areas of the house properly – Many buyers tend to overlook this aspect but it is one of the most important steps you need to take before buying a house. Before you put in money for buying a house, you need to make frequent trips to the apartment or flat and inspect every corner of the home. Small issues such as leakage, cracks on the walls, or broken doors can be repaired on time if you bring the problem to the builder’s notice as soon as possible.

* Settle all the legal issues on time – There are times, when sellers do not disclose all the clauses of the house agreement which could lead to problems in the future. Therefore you need to settle all the legal hassles on time.

Keep the above tips in mind before buying a new house.

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6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Renting A House In Dubai - Select The Best

6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Renting A House In Dubai - Select The Best | Move In Dubai |

You are fortunate that there are many properties available for sale and rent in Dubai. Selecting the right house for rent can be a difficult job especially with so many options out in the market. Therefore you need to be careful and smart before finalizing a particular house. Whether you belong to Dubai or are staying in the place as an expat, you will have to rent a property in the city at some point of time. Mentioned below are a few tips on renting a property in Dubai.


1.Conduct a thorough research –

Investigate the locality completely to see if you have all the basic shops and other places of recreation close to your home. In case you have kids, then look for the best school in the area. You can walk all through the area to get a brief idea about the place you’re planning to stay in.


2.View a number of properties and select the best out of the lot –

This can get tiresome but if you have a proper checklist with all your requirements clear in your mind, you can easily select the best house for yourself. It is always better to have a look at a number of potential options and select the right one from the lot.


3.Try to rent the house at a discounted price –

You shouldn’t be agreeing on the initial price that the landlord asks you to pay. That’s because there’s always a chance to get the home at a cheaper rate considering that the owners want to rent out their house as soon as possible. Even if the landlord doesn’t come up to a very low price, even a single penny saved is for the good.


4.Check all the goods carefully –

If it’s a furnished flat that you’re buying, you need to check if all the items are in a good state and are placed in the right places. Prepare a thorough inventory list and see if you can find all the required things. In case of any glitches, ask the landlord to look into the matter as soon as possible.


5.Maintain good relations with the landlord –

You will be interacting with the landlord quite often and so it is essential to be on good terms with him or her. This will ensure you a comfortable stay in the rented house.


6.Treat it as your own house –

You are going to stay in the house and so it’s best to treat it as your own. The only difference is that you will be paying some amount on a monthly basis. Even before you come and stay in the apartment in Dubai, it is important to have the right attitude towards it.

Keep the above tips in mind before you rent a house in Dubai. All the best!

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Renting a house in Dubai is not as easy as it seems. You need to research well and select the right one from the host of houses available for rent. The above mentioned tips will help you in your search of finding the right house for rent in Dubai.


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Benefits Of Buying A House – Be A Proud Owner

Benefits Of Buying A House – Be A Proud Owner | Move In Dubai |

With the real estate prices soaring with each passing day, everyone has just one question in their mind, ‘Should I buy or rent a property?’The more you delve into the question, the more unanswerable it seems to be. Mentioned below are some reasons as to why buying a property is an intelligent thing to do.


1.Your future is bright -

If you own a property, you have a share in the market. You don’t have to worry about paying monthly rentals to a landlord. Once your loans are cleared off, you are the owner of your house. There’s no one standing behind you to monitor your life. Moreover, the price of your house may shoot up and so you can sell it to gather money for any of your future endeavors such as your kid’s marriage, an impending dream and so on. Even if the prices of your house get low, you have nothing to lose as you own the property.


2.You have complete freedom –

Considering that your apartment in Dubai is not a rented one, you get complete freedom to do anything to your house. Right from using wallpapers to attaching an extra cabinet, you can design your house as you please. There’s no one who’s constantly telling you what to do. This can be a very different experience and you will feel like the leader of your own dreams especially if you’ve had a very bad prior experience with your landlord. So the next time your little kid draws some stuff on the walls of your house, there’ll be no one to catch hold of you, as you are the master here. Right from the curtains to the number of things you place in your house, it’s completely your property and so you can do as you want.


3.You become more disciplined in life –

If you’ve been spending a lot of money for no proper reason, then buying a new house is the best way to become more proactive towards life. You will learn how to manage all your money optimally as buying your own house is the first step towards developing financial discipline.


4.You get to be a part of a growing community –

When you buy and stay at a house for a long time, you are bound to feel more comfortable with the surroundings as time passes by. You will get acquainted with all sorts of local events, schools and other areas that will make you a part of the community in that particular place.

These are some of the advantages of buying your own house. So when are you planning to buy one?

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Top Reasons To Buy Fully Furnished Houses - A Smart Alternative

Top Reasons To Buy Fully Furnished Houses - A Smart Alternative | Move In Dubai |

Arranging the house after unpacking can be a tough thing to do. That’s when a fully furnished flat brings you all the facilities and furniture in advance. The above mentioned points will tell you why opting for a fully furnished flat is the best thing to do.

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Yasmeen Sabt's insight:

Whether you’re buying your own house or an villas for rent in Dubai, it’s always better to opt for fully furnished houses. It not just saves your money but makes the entire house look beautiful as well. Read on to know the top reasons to buy fully furnished apartments.

1.It saves your money – This is one of the most important benefits of buying a fully furnished apartment. You get to save your money as all the major furniture is ready and already arranged in your flat. Buying a flat is itself a very costly affair and then buying furniture increases the expenses to a considerable extent. That’s why a fully furnished flat reduces the entire financial burden and allows you to use your money for buying other things. The complete experience is budget friendly as you do not have to worry and spend money for buying furniture. The total cost of a fully furnished flat is less than the money spent buying all the things individually.

2.You can settle down easily – Buying a house is a very stressful experience. And buying furniture for all the rooms during this time leads to further confusion and chaos. Therefore, fully furnished flats allow you to settle down quickly without much stress. You don’t have to worry about the furniture as they are readily available.

3.The house looks better – Considering it’s a fully furnished flat, the things are arranged in a neat way. You don’t have to think about the furniture and their placement in different places as everything is already in place. There’s no doubt that your house looks way better in the process. Interior decoration is not an issue at all as all the furniture is already arranged. You just have to buy the flat and settle down.

4.You are more comfortable- You feel very comfortable as all the things are arranged in a proper way. You can start all your work and do all the household chores on the first day itself as all the requirements are in place already. Packing and shifting is not an issue as you have to simply bring in the smaller things. The major things are already arranged and so you don’t have to dismantle huge furniture and get them to the new place.

5.Your house is thoroughly arranged – You don’t have to worry about the arranging, packing and unpacking of all the stuff as all your needs are taken care of and the things are sorted out in a proper manner.

These are some of the benefits of buying a fully furnished flat.

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