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With the anticipated release of Metro: Last Light, Metro 2033, circa 2010, provides an interesting look at in game morality.


"Metro 2033 does the unthinkable among modern narrative games. It holds the player accountable for a battery of decisions made throughout the game, but it refuses to reveal an optimal path or permit the player to game the system by framing his actions as 'choices.'" -


"The solution to the game's macro-conflict is determined by the outcome of dozens of micro-conflicts, implicating any game with a push-button solution to an ethical impasse in a kind of hypocritical ambivalence. A man is not only entitled to the sweat of his brow, Metro says, but to the formation of his identity. Who you were before doesn't matter: what matters is what you do now. All of it." -


Games can provide a 'safe' environment to explore action without palpable consequence to our lives.  But as much as we shape our gaming experience, how much does our gaming experience shape us?