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In the startup world, venture capital funding from a big firm has become the Holy Grail. But, of course, there are other ways to launch a successful business. Bootstrapping, borrowing money from friends and family, using funds from an existing business or leveraging personal assets are all certainly options.

Below are five reasons you may want to seek another way to start your business without big VC money.

Very Few Companies Receive Venture Capital Funding

Believe it or not, for all the talk, venture capital funding is actually a rare thing. In fact, Forbes.com reports that currently VCs fund only about one to two startups out of every 100 business plans they see. And only about 300 of the 600,000 businesses started in the U.S. every year receive venture capital. Simply put, 99.5% of entrepreneurs will not get VC funding, at least not at the startup level.

So, if venture capital funding is so rare, isn’t it practical to seek an alternative for your business? Here are five reasons venture capital funding may not be right for your business.

Your Idea May Not Be Big Enough

You’ve heard how successful small businesses or startups should look to small niche markets. However, VC investors are generally looking for an idea that can pay off in the billions. Venture capitalists are in the business of making money, of course. But just how much money may surprise you.

Even medium-sized VCs will look only at businesses targeting a market in the $1 billion range, says Mark Peter Davis, founder of Interplay Ventures and a venture partner at High Peaks Venture Partners. Larger VCs will want businesses with a potential $5 to $10 billion market. Unless you’re launching a startup with this kind of potential, venture capital funding probably isn’t for you.

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