Brand and Social Storytelling: Back-stories! | Monetizing The TV Everywhere (TVe) Experience |
In a sense, to be respected & admired you don't need history as long as you have a "story" #branding #marketing...


Well now, here's a thought: "...maybe instead of thinking about your story differs from the competition, think about how your brand story reflects your effort and how that it turn will inspire the consumer to make an effort and in turn elevate their personal story."


This is quite a unique post because the author spends time on the all powerful back-story and its effect on consumers. She gives great examples of how consumer's backstories of your products create more customers who just got to have what you sell.


The article is geared more toward products but could easily be adapted to services (instead of long lines of customers waiting for your fresh baked bread, think of a long waiting list of customers for your servicesthat you are scheduling into next year).


Grab these insights and start working with these different kinds of backstories!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz