It’s not uncommon for both children and adults to fear visiting the dentist – especially if that fear has caused one to put off yearly appointments and allow their dental hygiene to fly off the rails, so to speak. Professionals like Dr. Bobby Irani understand that this fear is very much a part of the way clients approach dental work, and as a result he is an expert in what’s known as sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry makes use of pharmaceuticals to help sedate the patient so that they’re at ease before, during, and after their procedure. It helps comfort the patient, making the visit more pleasant and less stressful – which is to the benefit of both parties involved. The medication offered as part of the sedation process has no residual effects and is deemed safe to use on patients. There are incredibly minimal risks involved.

While most patients who experience anxiety prior to a visit with our staff elect to use sedation for more advanced procedures, it is possible to receive oral sedation for more minor procedures, too. If you would like to find out more about how oral sedation can reduce your fear of receiving dental care, set up a complimentary consultation to speak directly with Dr. Irani and his wonderful stuff.

How it Works


It’s important to note the difference between sedation dentistry and general anesthesia. The former involves oral pharmaceuticals that simply relax the patient to the point that they’re still conscious and responsive, but no longer suffering from the panic involved in having dental work performed. General anesthesia, on the other hand, renders the patient unconscious and unresponsive and is reserved for more serious procedures, like the removal of wisdom teeth.
While sedated, you may not remember any of the procedure, but still have the ability to respond to Dr. Irani and his staff’s requests. Many patients feel afterwards as if they were napping, and that what was a lengthy amount of time in the dentist’s chair lasted only a few moments. If this sounds like a process that would greatly assist in allowing you to receive necessary dental health exams and procedures, be sure to speak with a member of our staff to setup an appointment.


How Much it Costs


The amount you pay for oral sedation will vary depending on the type of sedation used for the procedure. Oral sedation, as opposed to intravenous, or gaseous methods, is generally more cost effective for patients fearful of dental procedures. The cost of sedation dentistry also fluctuates based on how heavily sedated the patient needs to be for the procedure, which is in turn determined by how much anxiety the patient is feeling prior to getting in the dentist’s chair.
That being said, the cost of sedation dentistry will be anywhere from $200 – $1000 in addition to the cost of the original service being performed. It’s also important to note that most dental insurance plans will not cover oral sedation, though the benefits are numerous for anxious clients. 




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