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Modern web development
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Object Oriented Javascript

Object Oriented Javascript | Modern web development |

If you are reading this I’d like to assume you know what Javascript is and the fact that it’s object oriented, what not many people know though is how to do the most common object oriented “things” in Javascript, such as inheritance, private functions and such.

The fact that Javascript is prototype based and not class based is what makes it hard to get into for most programmers. If you come from Java, PHP, C#, C++, Python, Ruby or pretty much any language you’ll find objects in Javascript are a bit unique, and they certainly are but in a good way!


* Prototypes
* Constructor Functions
* Encapsulation
* Inheritance
* Static vs Instance
* Abstracting it up a bit
* Conclusion

Via Jan Hesse
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A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript

A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript | Modern web development |

I believe the day-to-day practice of writing JavaScript is going to change dramatically for the better when arrives. The coming year is going to be an exciting time for developers as features proposed or finalised for the next versions of the language start to become more widely available.

In this post, I will review some of the features I'm personally looking forward to landing and being used in 2013 and beyond.

Via Nicolas Weil, Srdjan Strbanovic
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