Notes from Coffee Party's 427k member Facebook fan page | Moderation in the Republican Party |

by Eric Byler


On the Coffee Party Facebook page, under the posting of Michael Stafford's latest essay, I wrote the following in response to a comment by a person named Jason who doubted the existence of a Republican media empire.


"Jason, people who consume a lot of Republican media products are convinced that the media is biased toward the left because that is one of the central narratives of Republican media products. 

"This media empire has grown so powerful over the past 40 years that it has convinced large portions of our electorate that the purpose of government is to serve Profiteers instead of People. By 2000, it had grown powerful enough to make the trickle-down policies that led to the Great Recession politically viable (and, 12 years later, nearly popular enough to cause us to reinstate them after only a few years of recovery).

"We've begun to emerge from the collective fog that the Republican media empire has created only because of platforms like this Facebook page — the emergence social media networks that non-billionaires like us have begun to access and utilize to amplify the voice of the People.

"If it was true, as you imply, that there is no such thing as a Republican media empire — and, as you no doubt believe, that the oligarchs who can afford to purchase and operate media conglomerates like News Corp were partial to the electoral success of Democrats — then that empire's goal would be to convince its consumers that the opposite bias pervades. Think about that."


Jason's comment had been the result of my previous comment, responding to a person named Karen who said that a progressive conservative is a "RINO" (Republican in name only).  I wrote:


"Karen, did it ever occur to you that the fact-free extremists are the "Republicans in Name Only" and that the failure of the party to appeal to a 21st century electorate is due in great part to the dominance of fact-free extremists in the Republican media empire, and thus the Republican primary process?"


I'm very grateful to have and other social media platforms with which to exchange ideas with fellow Americans.  I'm going to make a habit of preserving some of the writing I do during these exchanges here on Coffee Party Originals.  I hope you will too. —EB

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