Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps
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Build a Custom Mobile App That Works Across iOs, Android and Windows for $29/mo: TheAppBuilder

Build a Custom Mobile App That Works Across iOs, Android and Windows for $29/mo: TheAppBuilder | Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps |

Robin Good: TheAppBuilder is a new web service cum downloadable app (for PC and Mac) which allows anyone to create, design and publish a custom branded app to the iTunes App store, to the Android Market and to the Windows Phone Marketplace at once. 


TheAppBuilder makes it extremely easy to develop a multi-platform app (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7) by simply following the options and requests offered in its wizard and very intuitive app editing system. 


An app can integrate RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter channels, YouTube video, images, news, custom content items, contact information and more. 


The downloadable Mac and PC editing apps, allow you to edit and modify your app as much as you want, and to upload the updated version to TheAppBuilder cloud servers. By using this approach the newly created app can be edited from anywhere and at anytime, including from your mobile device, and updated with new info instantly.


TheAppBuilder is free to use to develop and test your app, and it costs $29/mo to start publishing and distributing to the three big online app stores.


Full review by Fast Company: 


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Translate and Localize Your iOS & Mac Apps Into Other Languages with Traducto

Robin Good: If you are looking for a tool that can help you translate and localize your iOS and Mac apps, you may want to look into Traducto.


From Techcrunch: "...Developers that have neither the time nor the expertise to fully translate an app into another language could be missing out on plenty of international revenue, and a new OS X app called Traducto Pro aims to make sure that’s no longer the case.


Created by Brooklyn-based Visual Frames, Traducto Pro simplifies the localization process for developers looking to bring their iOS and Mac apps to new markets by providing a one-stop shop for requesting and purchasing translations for their projects.




Once the app is installed, users can create an account with Traducto and either punch in text to be translated or directly import Xcode files. Translating pure text — think app store descriptions, press releases, blog posts and the like — is straightforward enough, as users can just copy and paste into the corresponding field and select one of 16 target languages for the text to be translated into.




For developers who would rather shell out a bit of cash instead of handle the process of sourcing translators themselves (or worse: grabbing a dictionary and having a go at it), Traducto Pro seems like a thoughtful, well-executed tool to have in their arsenal. The app is now available to developers here for $49 (and that price gets cut in half with the coupon code “PRO50“)."


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Alexander Barrel's comment, February 5, 2013 7:34 AM
An alternative to Traducto would be It is web-based, so there is no need for installation. It is very practical vor localizing iOS ans OS X apps, as it allows collaborative works from translators in over 200 languages.
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How To Live Demo Your New iOS App on Google Hangouts and YouTube

Robin Good: If you are looking to live demo your new iOS app over the Internet, or if you need to record a screencast of how your app works, this short video tutorial from Paolo Tosolini will provide you with an immediate and very effective solution.

Just follow his instructions and you can start live streaming your app demo in just a matter of minutes.


"This tutorial explains how you can broadcast the contents of your iOS device to a live audience using Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube"

Very useful. Clearly explained. 8/10


Original video:



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