Vox Communications has a new international calling plan that can be downloaded via its Android mobile voice app easily obtainable in Google Play. The subscription-free plan called “Pay and Go” may be topped on top of amounts just one dollar and enables calling from any location without paying a monthly subscription fee.  
With VoX, consumers simply purchase what you use, and don’t need to worry as long as they don’t waste each of the monthly minutes that wireless carriers allow you to be purchase ahead.

We have seen this development as another substitute the change from consumers buying the bundled data, text and calling plans, to consumers buying data only plans, and then buying apps, such as the VoX voice app, for those their other needs.  Why pay monthly fees for any calling plan if you can use an inexpensive app?  

Another interesting paradigm shift is always that Vox is often a replacement the plethora of printed calling cards.  Why get a country specific visiting card if you possibly could download a Vox app?  Also, we seen in a newly released filing of Form 10-Q, that in order to slowly ease retailers away from phone cards and onto the app, VoX has an chance to replace every one of the phone cards in an electronics retailer having a VoX prepaid app business card.  A retailer no longer needs to promote a multitude of different country or region-specific international phone cards.  All they require is one calling card from VoX.
A VoX user can subscribe entirely within the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, making the sign-up process more elegant than many competitors. The mobile VoIP paid plans can be a inexpensive of entry for just a good quality and reliable mobile VoIP service offering. New subscribers can download the app for a free 60 minute trial and produce calls to any country for the unlimited calling list or subscribe to the “Pay And Go” plan for as low as any money, literally a “payg” plan, with no monthly subscription fees.   

The VoX Mobile VoIP Android App can be viewed or downloaded from Google Play

VoX Communications:  
VoX Communications delivers VoIP, mobile VoIP and video phone service wherever that features a stable broadband connection.  It recently entered the mobile VoIP services and applications arena making sure that its VoIP can utilize any 3G/4G or WiFi connection.  VoX differentiates itself through a unique combination of premium quality voice services, flexible back-office capabilities and automated provisioning systems that enable a simple turn-up for app users who definitely are buying a second cellular telephone line or low-cost international calling, without making use of any voice-plan minutes off their phone carrier.  It includes an attribute-rich, low-cost, high-quality alternative to popular traditional wireless phone services.