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Using Scalable Video Coding for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in Mobile Environments

Using Scalable Video Coding for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in Mobile Environments | Mobile&Tablets |

"Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is a convenient approach to transfer videos in an adaptive and dynamic way to the user. As a consequence, this system provides high bandwidth flexibility and is especially suitable for mobile use cases where the bandwidth variations are tremendous. In this paper we have integrated the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extensions of the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard into the recently ratified MPEG-DASH standard."

Via Nicolas Weil
SnoiD's comment, September 3, 2012 7:12 PM
Intéressant mais sur le slide 11 de comparaison il y aurait des question à poser.

Notamment le ressenti du client, qu'est ce qui est le plus intéressant :
-Une qualité quasi constante avec la solution Apple (seulement 7 switch)
-Une qualité variable mais "en moyenne" supérieure (DASH + SVC 107 switch soit plus d'un par minute) ?

Comment visuellement ce traduit ces switch, les pics haut, les pics bas ?

Quel est le gain de qualité visuel entre un débit moyen à 1162kbps et 2738kbps ?
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ZURB’s latest free app, Plunk, lets you test the usability of your mobile designs

ZURB’s latest free app, Plunk, lets you test the usability of your mobile designs | Mobile&Tablets |

A lot more work goes into designing the perfect user interface than meets the eye. Beyond creating something that simply looks good, the usability of your product is everything. Some designers are able to create highly usable interfaces on intuition alone, but no matter what, these designs should always be put to the test before a wide-scale launch — it will save a lot of headaches for you and your users.


ZURB, a company that has long specialized in reshaping the design process, is now ready to share its latest free Web app, Plunk (the little sister of Verify).


Most simply, Plunk is a service that lets you put together click tests for your mobile designs. In other words, this basic tool reveals a lot about user intuition, by testing where users press (click) in response to a task at hand. That in turn shows you how well you’re guiding users, screen by screen.


Here’s an example use case: You’re creating a mobile site and want to make sure the navigation icons are easily understood by your users. Plunk lets you turn screenshots of your design into tests like “Tap on the profile icon” or “Where would you tap to create a new item?”. How well the users perform reflects your design’s usability.


From ZURB:

"Now moreso than ever — especially with the rise of responsive web design, mobile web use and native iOS/Android development — it’s crucial that you test mobile screens to ensure they work."

"Designers, developers and business minds will appreciate the comprehensive analytics and visuals that Plunk reports provide. The goal is to further understanding of how a user interprets a design and hasten the iteration process on mobile screens in development."

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are only becoming more and more important, and so everything from apps to mobile-optimized sites should be tested. Then, after setting up a test, anyone on a mobile device or even a desktop (using a simulated phone) can participate for 48 hours. All the while, you can view the results of how closely users come to meeting your set goal. UX testing is important, and this is one of many ways to make sure your work is in tip-top shape.


Check it out for free via the link here:

➤ Plunk

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Mobile video is linchpin for marketing success

Mobile video is linchpin for marketing success | Mobile&Tablets |

Video offers major advantages in the mobile space


SUMMARY: With the entertainment and auto industries in the lead, mobile video is coming into its own this year, with an ever greater number of marketers in all categories incorporating it in campaigns. Mobile video has all the lean-back appeal of television but also "five breakthrough advantages ... including interactivity, precise targeting and frequency control, equal viewing throughout the day avoiding the crush of prime time when ads are skipped, tight linkage to social media and capability to instantly measure ad impact," said Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm NewMedia.



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The Mobile Web is About More Than Shrinking Your Site

The Mobile Web is About More Than Shrinking Your Site | Mobile&Tablets |

For the past several years I have devoted enormous amounts of time and effort sweating over my keyboard, traveling the country, and shouting through my telephone speaker about the need for businesses to embrace mobile. While myself and other mobile enthusiasts alike will likely never put an end to our prosthelytizing, it seems the time is quickly coming when our warnings will no longer be needed. Any serious business owner will soon (if they do not already) realize how crucial a good mobile presence can be for their business. The question then becomes, how can you leverage the power of mobile to take things to the next level.

Too often we see businesses trying to build a mobile presence by simply shrinking their desktop site or redesigning the same content for a smaller screen. The mobile experience is a completely different one, and mobile sites need to reflect the action-driven nature of the mobile user. This means designing buttons for touch, creating navigation that promotes action, and making the interactive elements of your site more prevalent.

Of course, good mobile design is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of maximizing mobile’s capabilities. Never before have businesses had the opportunity to interact with customers on a medium that is always on, almost always within reach, and accessible from anywhere. This amazing set of circumstances presents some truly exciting possibilities for businesses that wish to expand their relationships with customers. Here are a couple you may want to employ:

Connected Marketing:
Some of the most effective strategies with mobile revolve around using the platform to connect your marketing efforts. Mobile makes the perfect compliment to both in-home and out-of-home advertising as it allows consumers to engage with a product on-the-spot from anywhere. A billboard ad alone will garner only a few seconds of viewing from a potential customer, however, when that billboard contains a URL that leads the viewer to a mobile landing page, the experience can be extended into a full-featured interaction. The same can be said for things like print ads, radio spots, or even point-of-purchase displays.

Perhaps the most misunderstood mobile user is the one accessing mobile as a second-screen. Studies show that over 80% of mobile users are using their devices while watching TV, with almost half of those users reporting having used their device to search for a product advertised on television. By creating a complimentary mobile experience for your TV commercial ads, you can capitalize twice, and create a whole new realm of interest for a potential customer.


Extended Immersion in Live-Action Events:
Mobile essentially puts a super-computer directly into the pockets of your consumers. That means that whether you are reaching out to potential customers or existing ones, you have the ability to create live action experiences that are enhanced by technology. This could be something live streaming live updates and behind-the-scenes developments at sporting events or shows. You could use mobile to allow users to follow along during a presentation and giving them the ability to choose what topics they want more information on. Things like exhibits, demonstrations, even simple sales meetings can all be augmented by utilizing this new outlet to give customers a more thorough and engaging experience.

These few simple tactics alone can vastly alter your business model and if you are like the majority of business owners and marketers, you will see almost immediate returns for your business. Of course, these are only the first steps in creating a dominant mobile presence, and the businesses that truly maximize their returns from mobile will be the one’s that are always on the lookout for more techniques and tactics just like these.


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Facebook Mobile for Business: What You Need to Know

Facebook Mobile for Business: What You Need to Know | Mobile&Tablets |

Do you take Facebook with you on your mobile device?

Turns out 543 million people access Facebook while out and about!

To explore the marketing implications of mobile Facebook users, I interview Mari Smith for our new Social Media Marketing podcast.

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Mobile Websites: The Olympic Gold of Business Marketing

Mobile Websites: The Olympic Gold of Business Marketing | Mobile&Tablets |
Is a mobile website the equivalent of an Olympic gold medal when it comes to business marketing? Find out!


Want to take home the gold this year? Invest in a mobile website for your business. According to Google, more people will use their mobile phones to get online than PCs by 2013. But, before you consider going the cheapest route you can find, know that the quality of your mobile site does matter. If users have a bad experience with your mobile site, they’re very unlikely to come back.


In fact, Google says 80% of customers will abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience. And 71% of those users expect a mobile site to load as fast as a desktop. This shows you just how important it is that your mobile site is developed to meet your users’ high expectations.


Not sure what to look for in your mobile site? Here is a checklist from Google:

Keep it quick Simplify navigation Be thumb-friendly Design for visibility Make it accessible Make it easy to convert Make it local Make it seamless Use mobile site redirects Listen, learn, and iterate


A well-developed mobile website ensures you aren’t missing out on the impulse buys that come through mobile phone searches, says Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems. Giving your target audience fast access to the information they want means you’re much more likely to retain their business. 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase -- are those really odds you can afford to miss out on?

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Empowering Rice Farmers through Mobile Technology

Empowering Rice Farmers through Mobile Technology | Mobile&Tablets |
In this ground-breaking programme, GIFT’s first in the Philippines, participants will work alongside the International Rice Research Institute in rural areas of the Philippines to map out new business models for leveraging a powerful web and online-based tool (the Nutrient Manager) to enable greater access to information, services, and products for local rice farmers and to responsibly monetize crucial market data for commercial partners.

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Google Adds Handwrite To Mobile Search [VIDEO]

Google Adds Handwrite To Mobile Search [VIDEO] | Mobile&Tablets |

Google has created a new mobile search input feature that allows users to perform handwriting operations on touchscreen devices.

The well-designed new feature, creatively termed as Google Handwrite, lets users manually handwrite search inquiries on Google’s homepage by simply writing the characters anywhere on their device’s touchscreen using their own fingers. Note: This feature is currently on its beta stage.

Rui Ueyama, software engineer at Google, posted in a blog yesterday, “Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen – there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing.”

Via Charles Tiayon
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Mobile Web Development is Coming of Age - Is Your Business Ready?

Mobile Web Development is Coming of Age - Is Your Business Ready? | Mobile&Tablets |

A recent 2012 PewInternet report stated that almost half of mobile phone owners and three quarters of smart phone owners use their phones to get real time location based information. This was up 55% from when the question “Do you ever use your mobile phone to get directions, recommendations, or other information related to your present location?” was asked in May 2011.


That is a huge increase and one can only speculate that over time the demand for location based information will continue to increase rapidly due to the proliferation of smart phones, the commoditisation of data plans across the mobile networks and of course the adoption of social media into our everyday lives.



Why is Mobile Web Development so exciting for businesses?
As a business owner it means there are now even more ways to keep in touch with clients new and old, share news, information, offers and reviews on things we like, in effect humanising brands.



How can you benefit?
The potential for business growth is huge. Knowing that more and more people have the capacity to search, find and act upon mobile searches means that, as a business owner, putting yourself in a position to capitalise on these growing mobile web development trends is a must.



What should you do?

There are several things that a business can do to ensure its position at the forefront of mobile search.


1. Claim your local listings
There are a multitude of sites on the internet that list local businesses. The most prominent of all, due to its worldwide positioning and the fact that it drives the most traffic is Google.


Google’s local business listings allow businesses to not only put themselves on the map, but to actually bring that map to life. Think of the old saying, “it is not a house, it’s a home”. Google’s listing is not a sterile, fixed environment; it is dynamic as it allows you as the business owner to update your profile on a regular basis and more importantly it allows for the end user to interact with you too. Meaning you can really highlighting to others how great your experience really is.


2. Monitor your online reputation
With the ease of access to platforms where users can openly speak about what they like and what they don’t like, keeping an eye on what is being said about your business and brand online is a must. One bad review or comment that is not correctly addressed can result in bad publicity and ultimately the loss of business.


Stay on top of things, check your online presence and other internet sites for any mention of your name or your brand and keep the information fresh and up to date.


3. Get a mobile friendly website design

With one in five of every search on Google having a location based element, (e.g. Chiropractor, Altrincham) you need to make sure that if a user conducts a search for your business that not only are you positioned in the search engine results pages, but your website is accessible to the end user regardless of what device they are searching for you on.


The fact of the matter is that if the searcher is in an element of distress, and they need a plumber instantly (burst water pipe, Manchester), then if your website does not load quickly and they cannot find your details because your site is not mobile friendly then you stand the chance of losing a pre-qualified customer who was ready to do business.

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Mobile learning: 10 razones para prestarle atención

Mobile learning: 10 razones para prestarle atención | Mobile&Tablets |
Mobile learning: 10 razones para prestarle atención #educación #TIC #enseñanza...

Via Ramon Aragon
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Fullerene-based transistors ramp up speed and memory for mobile ...

Fullerene-based transistors ramp up speed and memory for mobile devices. (Nanowerk News) Though smartphones and tablets are hailed as the hardware of the future, their present-day incarnations have some flaws.
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Random Apps of Kindness: Using mobile for nonprofit and cause-based marketing

Random Apps of Kindness: Using mobile for nonprofit and cause-based marketing | Mobile&Tablets |
Mobile marketing efforts can increase business activity, even for segments with limited budget and time.

Via AAM Associates
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Is Mobile Learning a Viable Option for the Future of Education? » Online Universities

Is Mobile Learning a Viable Option for the Future of Education? » Online Universities | Mobile&Tablets |

"A recent post by Fabio Sergio on the Fast CoDesign site explored "10 Ways That Mobile Learning Will Revolutionize Education" on a global level based on research that Frog is conducting on the ways that learning models are evolving and can be improved through mobile technologies. Here in two parts is a summary of Sergio’s 10 innovative possibilities for mobile learning (mLearning) and a consideration of the efficacy of each."

To see Part 2 of this two-part post go to:

Via Beth Dichter
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The great Windows tablet keyboard crapshoot

The great Windows tablet keyboard crapshoot | Mobile&Tablets |

Detachable keyboards have been done already with Android slates, but that hasn’t stopped the idea being well reheated for Windows 8 and RT models.

Via IS Decisions
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The CMO’s Mobile Blind Spot

The CMO’s Mobile Blind Spot | Mobile&Tablets |
Marketers are fragmenting their mobile approaches and not learning the lessons of the rise of the desktop Web, argues Apinomic's Drew Bartkiewicz.


Mobile is hot, but then again, so was “e-business” in 2000. At the height of the first Internet expansion in 2000, when every division, department and product manager finally realized they needed the Internet, corporate CIOs saw website proliferation run rampant across their organizations. The average Fortune 500 company had at least 22 different websites.


The result: no consistent look and feel for the brand, ridiculously redundant IT costs, zero economies of scale in Web delivery, and worse yet, a confusing customer experience. Users had their personal data sprinkled across many of the same company’s websites, with multiple login credentials. This decentralized large company land rush to Web properties was as predictable as it was utterly stupid.

Now welcome to what mobile looks like today for most big businesses. Confused by both the number and purpose of most apps being thrown at you? You should be. Corporate mobile strategies risk repeating the mistakes of website proliferation that cost corporations billions in worthless websites.


The biggest mistake corporations are making stems from their deep trust in their ad agencies to “make us an app” for a very specific product or a very specific event without thinking about scaled personalization or reusable innovation. Sound familiar? This approach results in a typical $500,000 mobile project that has a very finite life. And almost nothing from that project becomes reusable technology for the next “custom” app. This custom-addictive (if not highly expensive) pattern is a result of both technical and cultural blind spots within corporations, which resides in the CMO and ad agency belief that the user experience is a one-time emotion, a moment that needs to be captured in the app. So far in Mobile 1.0 (yes, we are still very much here), design dominates the project at the expense of real data efficiencies, centralized personalization and technical iteration for scaling reusable assets. This leads directly to the second blind spot.


Most mobile websites that I see are being developed with an increasingly archaic approach known as “screen scrapes,” which is akin to the dysfunctional and unsustainable approach of Web 1.0 — where every department made its own website based on an overlay of their processes and products. Screen scrapes take what doesn’t work on the browser experience and passes it directly over to the mobile experience; it’s just done in a smaller, less interactive and more annoying way for the user.


Lesson for CMOs: Do not recreate the mobile experience with the design architecture and data approach of the explorer experience. You will disappoint in the long run.


Lesson for CIOs: Scale your organization’s innovation potential for the long-run in mobile by moving to APIs as the means to future-proof against the ever-changing presentation layers of iPhones, Androids, mobile apps, and whatever else comes along. Real mobile apps, ones that please both the CMO and the CIO, are being developed at significantly less cost and complexity with the emerging technology enabler of APIs (application programming interface). Consider them as the different building blocks of a company’s digital assets (like product info, videos, customer data, etc). Each asset area can be made accessible uniquely through the API. These building blocks can now be dynamically arranged, scaled, and tracked through unique presentation layer combinations that can achieve the most logical goals of the business: Know your customer, while saving them time and pleasing them.

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The Guide To Search: Why Social & Mobile Are The Future

The Guide To Search: Why Social & Mobile Are The Future | Mobile&Tablets |

With Social Media developing at a rapid pace and search engines becoming smarter, the emergence of social search was expected to be the next big thing.


Search is currently in a transition period right now. As algorithms become more complex and the major search engines introduce new features, it’s clear that our expectations about how search should work and what it can do for us has risen with every new development. It’s not enough that it just suggests relevant information.


Now we demand that it comes faster, becomes more accurate and matches our tastes and interests.


Throw Siri and Google Now (or at least, the potential of Siri and Google Now) into the mix and the idea that the very concept of search will be radically different in three to five years time is a distinct possibility.


Social search was seen as the next step in this process. Using our profiles to filter and curate the content we want to see, the results have been mixed. Google’s insistence on using Google+ and its +1 system has been criticised because it neglects the more popular social media sites to plug its own.


On the other hand, Bing has struggled to even dent Google’s hold on search, despite championing its social search feature – partly because Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. Throw in the massive rise of mobile search, and the concept of search is evolving in a way that we mightn’t have expected.


One thing is certain: With more and more content being created online, a new way of curating and processing the vast waves of information out there will necessity. With Google making small changes to search – both on desktop and mobile – and Bing pushing its social credentials even further, the race is on to see who can discover (or possibly stumble) upon the next stage of search.


Read More:

Via Antonino Militello
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, August 16, 2012 9:51 PM
Worked my 11th day straight today and am burning out fast. I have your note to me on my weekend schedule. Those retreats will kill a person (lol). Marty
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8 mobile technologies revolutionising how companies talk to people | memeburn

8 mobile technologies revolutionising how companies talk to people | memeburn | Mobile&Tablets |

Gauging audience attitude toward your business is can sometimes be challenging. If you’re a small neighbourhood business it’s easy because you can just ask them. The bigger you become however, the more difficult that becomes.


That’s where the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes into play. Using technology to ask the right the right questions you can find, attract, and win new clients as well as nurture and retain those you already have.


There are a few ways you can do this, one of which is social media, but that limits the number of people you can reach. In most emerging markets, there are a lot more people with cellphones than there are on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.


As with all technologies, mobile CRM tools are constantly changing. Here are eight technologies that have completely changed the face of the industry. Some of them have become tried and tested but we’re only just beginning to see the potential impact of others.


Click headline to read more--

Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
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5 Ideas B2B Firms Can Use to Prepare for A Mobile Future

5 Ideas B2B Firms Can Use to Prepare for A Mobile Future | Mobile&Tablets |

I don’t know how I ever lived without my smartphone. Whether I want to find a good restaurant in my area, catch up with friends on Facebook, or keep up with client needs on the go — there’s so much of my life in that little device! Both personally and professionally, I’m sure many others value the instant gratification as much as I do!

This led me to brainstorm and do a little research on how companies (and B2B in particular) can take advantage of mobile technologies by integrating the medium into their marketing strategy. Here are the best tips that I’ve found:

1. Social media on the go. This is more geared toward use of your own smartphone than that of your clients’, but I think it’s equally important. In the age of social search, a Facebook presence has become increasingly important. However, B2B firms often face the challenge of finding something interesting enough to post on their Facebook pages. When you are attending events and conferences, take candid shots and upload to Facebook. Think like a reporter, and get out the latest breaking news as it happens

2. Mobilize your blog. There are plenty of sites online that let you create free mobile apps. One I’ve tried out is called Conduit. I’m still in the testing stages, but, in a short period of time, I was able to create an app of our company blog page. Personally, when I download apps for blog pages, I’m definitely more likely to check in often than if I have to remember to go on to a Web site.

3. Prepare your site to be mobile-ready. There are a few key rules to making your Web site mobile-friendly: keep navigation simple, make text concise, don’t go overboard on photos, design for the constraints of a small screen, and be sure to test on different types of devices.

4. Create mobile-friendly content. Consider that in addition to using a much smaller screen, your audience is most likely on the go and/or multi-tasking — consuming smartphone media at the same time as other media. Knowing this, content needs to be both receivable by mobile and able to keep the viewer’s interest. With this in mind, I recommendembracing multi-media content. Smartphone users may be more likely to view YouTube videos or listen to podcasts than to read lengthy articles and whitepapers.

5. Use QR Codes. A great networking idea is to integrate a QR code into your business cards or letterhead. This could link to a v-card or your social media profile so contacts can add your information to their contacts or add you as a LinkedIn connection before you even leave the event!


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Hot new ways CPG marketers can engage via mobile

Hot new ways CPG marketers can engage via mobile | Mobile&Tablets |

SUMMARY: Marketers entertain and inform mobile users - With consumers shifting media consumption to mobile devices, successful marketers are finding they can reach users by being informative and entertaining. Food marketers, for example, can be informative with recipes and shopping lists; brands can entertain by offering games that connect to the brand position.



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6 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers

6 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers | Mobile&Tablets |

Mobile is the way of the future. Here's how marketers can take advantage.


If you believe experts like Mary Meeker, mobile advertising is getting hotter every day, but a true revolution is still a ways off. The dollars spent on mobile marketing do not come close to lining up with the amount of time we spend with our devices, and “traditional” media like print and broadcast still attract the lion’s share of spending. In other words, we’ve had our mobile advertising “big bang,” but we haven’t yet fully adapted to life in our brand-new universe.


However, if the money’s not there now, it will be soon. Because while mobile might not yet be attracting its fair share of spend, it already owns serious share of mind. Industry trailblazers are setting the agenda for the mobile future and leading the way for the rest of the marketing world. As they evangelize (channeling Wayne Gretzky): “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s already been.”


The advertising puck is careening towards mobile. Mobile is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s often at the core of everything, if not always first. It has changed far more than consumer behavior, transcending its role as a connection and convergence device, and “impacting business through customer service, ecommerce, awareness and more,” says Jesse Missad, associate director of mobility at Starcom MediaVest Group. He feels its importance to marketing cannot be overstated: “We believe mobile will be part of every communications plan.”


We spoke with Missad and other industry thought leaders for actionable insights and best practices to help you join the mobile marketing revolution, right here and right now.


Continue Reading... 

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A Thematic Human-Curated Magazine Digest for Mobiles and Tablets: ZineTral

Robin Good: Zinetral is a new human-curated digital magazine that provides the best and most interesting stories from across the web on a number of specific topics.


Zinetral claims to use "real people" with "real passions" and "not algorithms to source, sift through and curate the best content out there."


From the official site: "...we employ subject matter experts as editors to facilitate the sourcing of and curate content from Blogs, Videos, Images, Photos , Infographics, Articles, Communities and a variety of sites from all corners of the world and create a quality, engaging magazine digest for reading on Smartphones and Tablets."


The Magazines will be available for reading online and offline on iOS, Android and ther devices.

ZineTral wants to become the go-to place on a range of subjects which will include Parenting, Food, Fashion, Technology, Politics and Sport, along with international and foreign language editions.

More info:



Via Robin Good
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7 in 10 Use Only Mobile for at Least One Web-Based Activity

7 in 10 Use Only Mobile for at Least One Web-Based Activity | Mobile&Tablets |
Mobile - Mobile devices have a strong hold on today's consumers, so much so that some users are becoming totally mobile dependent, whether at home or on the go: Half of smartphone ...

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Jivox Announces Interactive Video Ad Insertion for Mobile Devices - ADOTAS

Digital Media WireJivox Announces Interactive Video Ad Insertion for Mobile DevicesADOTASADOTAS – Today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Marketplace conference, interactive video advertising company Jivox announced the availability of...
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Mobile Developer Economics 2012 publication @visionmobile - My Digital Footprint

Mobile Developer Economics 2012 publication @visionmobile - My Digital Footprint | Mobile&Tablets |

這個報告中有一些關於行動應用 式的統計資訊


Developers are rapidly responding to the rising popularity of tablets: more than 50% of developers are now targeting tablets, with iOS developers most likely (74%) to do so.

Via Future Media
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Comparison: Which Mobile Browser is the Fastest [Infographic] | All Infographics

Comparison: Which Mobile Browser is the Fastest [Infographic] | All Infographics | Mobile&Tablets |
Opera is fastest Web Mobile Browser of the world after comparing it with rest of Mobile Browsers on comparison for fastest mobile web browsers list...

Via Miguel Rodriguez
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