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There is tremendous excitement around data-driven marketing.


The key excerpt...


Experiments are the bridge from exploration to confirmation.

Experiments can be explicit or implicit. To be explicit, one runs a controlled experiment, where the marketer executes a split test between two or more different alternatives, while trying to hold other variables constant — as best as possible in the complex and messy environment of real-world marketing. Controlled experiments are incredibly powerful for proving cause-and-effect relationships that impact customer behavior in a highly focused manner. They’re “explicit” because the marketer directly decides almost every aspect of how the experiment is being run.


An example of implicit marketing experimentation is personalization software that uses machine learning techniques to try many different possible ways of leveraging a certain set of data in a customer’s experience to affect their behavior. These experiments are “implicit” in the sense that that the marketer is not directly determining which hypotheses are being tested. (This tends to work best in situations where the hypotheses being tested by the software are low risk, more about discovering serendipity than fulfilling explicit customer intentions.)


Either way, the performance metrics resulting from those experiments provide confirmation of which hypotheses work. Experiments move you from uncertainty to certainty — at least as much certainty as can be determined by outcomes. The movement from exploration to confirmation builds marketing momentum.

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