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What Did We Do?

We performed live streaming delivery tests, using RTMP and RTSP streaming protocols from a streaming server. We chose to use Flash Player for RTMP playback and the native Video app (an underlying player on most Android devices, not to be confused with the YouTube app) for RTSP streaming playback.


So What Did we Find?

In our tests, several patterns emerged. First, on the performance front, content delivered in RTMP (the Flash Player "native" protocol) was consistently delivered at a higher frame rate than content delivered by RTSP to the native Video app, even when both were served from the same Wowza Media Server.

None of the delivery solutions were perfect, by any means. Content played back as RTMP, RTSP and even HTTP dropped some number of frames for every clip played. That's to be expected in a mobile environment, and as mentioned above, our test clips were intentionally robust enough to tax the devices.

Yet we were surprised to find that-although the content was streaming out from the server at full frame rates and resolutions-several devices just couldn't muster the performance necessary to play back content with the native video app and RTSP protocol.

Via Nicolas Weil