Study Aid is the quick and simple flash card program that makes studying a breeze!

Simply swipe left or right to go forwards or backwards in your list of cards, and swipe down for the answer and back up for the question.

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Study Aid allows you to easily organize your cards into lists and turn on or off the card or list that you want. Additionally, you can easily share your flashcards via e-mail with friends and classmates who have Study Aid!

You can also easily type and add flashcards to Study Aid via the Study Aid Card Creator on our website when you don't feel like typing them up on your iPhone. No account required!

Additionally, you can:

- Easily Alter the font and font size for your cards

- Change the text color for questions / answers (affects all questions or all answers)

- Change the background color

- Flip Questions and Answers (useful for vocabulary!)

- Embed HTML in cards.

- Use with an external display (requires iPad and VGA Dock connector) (version 2.1 or higher)

- Search through your cards. (version 2.1 or higher)

Lastly, there is, additionally, a .CSV importer* available on our website.

(Note! - Wifi connection is required to import/export cards on iPod Touch)

* - the .CSV importer is provided "as is". It will either work or it won't. You can test whether it can read your .csv file without buying Study Aid.

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