How tiny Estonia stepped out of USSR's shadow to become an internet titan | MLC Geo400 class portfolio |
The European country where Skype was born made a conscious decision to embrace the web after shaking off Soviet shackles Eesti keel | Estonian language version...


This article is very intersting for the mere fact that it is solely based on the benefit of the citizen. It is amazing that Estonia has made the use of the interent accessible to everyone but more importantly it is accessible anywhere. Yes, Skype was created in Estonia and ever since then the intenet has been available for people of all ages to use. It is extraordinary that you can walk 100 miles (if you can) but it is mind baffling to be able to walk 100 miles with no loss of internet connection. We know that it is annoying to lose connection however, Estonia has made it possible for you to never lose it because they have free wifi no matter where you are. Key word? FREE. How many wouldn't love to get rid of a bill like that? It is truly beneficial to Estonian citizens because they know that's money they can use for their families. A person can be proud of being an Estonian for the simple fact that they know their government is working for them. The idea of a chip ID that you can insert in any computer and access any personal information is amazing. The chip itself has no information but it is more or less a key. I wonder however, if you lose the key, do you get a replacement for free or do you have to pay? Either way it would be minimal compared to having to pay a monthly fee for internet.  -- M. Carvajal

Via Seth Dixon