Devolution: A Beginner's Guide | MLC Geo400 class portfolio |
What is devolution and how has it changed how Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are governed?


This article with videos, charts and images was designed as a primer for UK voters for the 2010 election to understand who devolution in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland were reshaping the political landscape in the United Kingdom.  It is general enough that even though it is outdated as a news story, it serves as a concrete example from geography students to understand the processes and reasons for a decentralization of political power.


-This article is clear and straight to the point in giving the reader good examples of devolution and how it affects each country politically. The transfer of powers changes each country in the sense that they can each decide over their own local gov't (whichever it may be). With this each respective country can even provide funding (grants) toward their police dept, fire dept etc. What is interesting in this article however is how UK chose to stay the way it is. In a sense it is actually smart because they still have a say in matters of foreign policy and can still pass legislation according to devolved matters within the devolved government. The devolution of powers affect the regular citizen of each country how? In a positive or negative way?- M.C

Via Seth Dixon