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“…the intrinsic complexity of many marketing problems defies easy solutions or automation; often, a combination of decision support tools and the judgment of the decision maker provides the best results. That is, approaches that systematically combine managerial judgment with formal decision models are Marketing Engineering (ME): a systematic approach to harness data and knowledge to drive effective marketing decision making and implementation through a technology-enabled and model-supported interactive decision process. In an organizational setting, the ME approach required the design and construction of decision models and the implementation of those models in the form of marketing management support systems (MMSSs).”

Principles of Marketing Engineering

Gary L. Lilien, Arvind Rangaswamy, Arnaud De Bruyn

DecisionPro, Jan 1, 2007


It’s a great start, but ME is more than making and implementing decisions. Just as the mechanical engineer produces something, so should the ME. Something tangible, something measurable. An ME can make decisions, implement decisions, but must measure the results of the decision so that optimization can take place.


Its results that provide a seat at the table for Marketing, not decisions. If Marketing is going to go around and make decisions without being accountable for the results, then we’re right back to where we started pre-martech.


A definition of Marketing Engineering must incorporate a results-orientation where the results are in alignment with corporate goals and objectives. So I’d add the following to the above: …where the results are in alignment with corporate goals and objectives.


What makes a marketer an ME? More than a definition, it is based on achieving a set of standards laid down by a professional organization. Now it gets tricky, and more about this next week.


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