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MK MasterWork USA Inc

3700 Rose Lake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217, USA


MK USA understands that the reputation of printing or packaging companies lies in the hands of the equipment used. When Masterwork first began operations, the staff was not satisfied with the equipment the market had to offer. Consequently, they made it their primary goal to become the first company to manufacture equipment by only using the latest and most advanced technology. Today, Masterwork is a leading innovator when it comes to manufacturing everything from foil stamping equipment to printing inspection machines.


With a strong emphasis on the research, development, manufacture and sales of high-quality industrial packaging equipment, Masterwork Machinery Co., Ltd. has been satisfying countless business owners since 1995. This has allowed them to gain the necessary experience to manufacturer top-of-the-line foil stamping machines, die cutting machines and much more. They have substantially expanded their foil stamping manufacturing capabilities over the last 18 years.


MK USA’s facilities combine to total an incredible 10,000 square meters and it employs 800 friendly and experienced staff members. The company has yearly revenue of $550 million, which they believe comes as the direct result of offering their products in over 20 countries worldwide. The company’s highly trained staff is available 24/7, 365 days per year to ensure that customers are taken care of at all times.


The Printing Equipment Manufacturing Industry has awarded Masterwork with numerous awards including “The Best Aggregate Index of Economic” and the “Excellent Brand for Chinese Packaging.” With a history defined by its excellence of both industrial packaging equipment and customer service, the ability of Masterwork to satisfy their customers’ needs for significantly less money has secured its position as an industry leader.