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I recommend because let's face it there are toxins everywhere in our environment and if we can avoid some of them that's probably a good idea so here’s the good news about the product recommendations I'm going to make one they're based on my personal experience and two they're cheap because find cheap or as Alike to call it thrifty now the first item on my list is coconut oil coconut oil is fantastic moisturiser for your skin and your hair and its 100 percent safe and natural.

I like to buy tab dive extra virgin organic coconut oil which smells heavenly in fact it's not so heavenly I like to eat it too which is why I keep another tab in the kitchen this next item on my list is possibly one of the best finds I have ever made after my husband now I have tried tons anti-per aspirant &deodorant and I even went so far as to go a few years without using any stone tell anyone but I think they already know I can confidently tell you that aloe Vera all natural role on is amazing it works so well and it has no aluminium alcohol dies or any of the other yucky stuff you'll find in conventional products it also comes in different scents and its strong enough even for the gentleman okay next I like to use Neutrogena Naturals.

I use the face wash and the facial scrub which have no sulphates paraffin’s petroleum and other chemicals he find in conventional products they're also not tested on animals now for toothpaste some love you might not be too crazy about more natural rams but I really like me cheesecake.