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Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret?

Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret? | MILESTONE 2 |
For an increasing number of campaigns, integration across a large number of media is essential. Tim Bourne, chief executive of Exposure, explains how it should be done
Jordan's insight:

This article is simple, it concentrates on the the power of ideas; integration across all media, it also expresses the value of being able to integrate across all mediums and different forms of the marketing communication mix. Nike snickers and fosters have created very strong integrated campaigns.


Successful marketers today are reaching more and more customers directly, on a personal level, than ever before, nike snickers and fosters.


This basically hi lights the relevance of having a close relationship to the consumer, from the brand. The closer this is, the stronger the customers brand loyalty will be. 


The article shows how to integrate across a large number of mediums.


I personally believe that their is no way near enough face to face integration with marketers creating brand awareness and integrating with the consumer, there is a strong focus on using mediums such as online, tv, newspapers and billboards. This has its reasons, as it is more timely, cheaper, relatively consistent. If consumers are reached face to face, i know myself as a consumer having a direct face to face will persuade me more to purchase a product and, because of this i am more like to re purchase the same product or service. 

Brittany R Taylor's comment, September 26, 2013 10:02 AM
As above it showed how threee great and effective campaigns; Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created an effective 'power of idea' campaign just not across one medium but multiplatforms. It states that same image or colour won't be effective, but the message you are sending is the key. Snickers used celebrity endorsements to help with their campaign "your not you, when your hungry". Thus creating an even bigger effect. The campaigns have to be successful because you connect with the consumers on not a informational way, but on a creative way but emphaising your point
Enele Westerlund's comment, September 27, 2013 12:58 AM
Jenny, it's true when you say that advertising and marketing are only the beginning of creating a successful brand. The article was a very interesting read that allowed a more in depth understanding of how campaigns are successful. The campaigns in the article definitely create an emotional response an a psycho-social level.
Wenjing Zheng's comment, September 27, 2013 2:52 AM
This article showed successful Integrated marketing campaigns through some examples such as Nike, Snickers and Foster. Also I liked the the author's states of "Integration isn't about saying the same thing in different channels. But it is about taking a unique aspect of the brand and tying it to a consumer insight that is powerful and engaging"
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consumer engagement

Jordan's insight:

This article expresses how instagram is an effective way to engage consumers and to create awareness for brands by exposing consumers with new products.


The "Intelligence Report: Social Platforms" found that the visual component of Instagram has helped the platform grow to 100 million users while the average luxury brand has 100,000 followers. This shows the scale of instagrams large network. 


I like this quote "It's not about luxury brands chasing the hottest platform, but rather understanding which platforms make sense for them."  Strong trending brands related to fashion and clothing seem to hava a strong dominant presence to advertising on instagram from my own personal use.

Instagram is easy to navigate, and advertising isn’t forced, but easily accessible through the interface of instagram.  Visually people are more attracted to advertising if its visual rather than print based, radio, media based, which I believe contributes to instagrams success.

Brooke Miller's comment, September 26, 2013 5:09 AM
This article shows just how effective Instagram is in the media as a marketing tool. From such a small, indie photo application for iPhone to one of the leading marketing platforms on social media, Instagram is one which all companies should be allowing their consumers the option of for interaction. Instagram does have rivals when it comes to visual media, such as YouTube and Vine, yet like Jordan says, he simplicity of use of the application makes it easy to manage and consumers are more likely to want to use it.
Brittany R Taylor's comment, September 26, 2013 9:50 AM
The article shows how Instagram has become a bigger social media platform than Facebook and Twitter. The most popular brands like Chanel and Gucci don't have an account, yet they are still being branded by pictures of this. Instagram allows the consumers to interact better than in the past. Instagram is now allowing motion pictures, furthering consumer interaction. On Instgram advertising is forced by the company but done via the consumers.
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What can the giants of technology teach the high street?

What can the giants of technology teach the high street? | MILESTONE 2 |
What can a more modest retailer learn from Apple, in order to improve the experience of shoppers on the high street?
Jordan's insight:

Apple are wonderful example of a company that have created effective communication mixes, and based on the fact that they have been such a  strong brand built on strong brand equity, it has had to review itself for the changing markets, where they have measured there results against their own objectives.


This article is relevant to the IMC concept. Retailers are sometimes so busy running their operations that they lose sight of which they are running it for and neglect acting on insight, this can be detrimental to apple, as they are being undermined. What they can do stop this happening is creating incentives for retailers etc…


Businesses have great opportunity to being ‘piggy backed’ by brands such as apple, where they can use their strong brand associations to build their own brand equity. Retailers have the potential to create effective communication mixes. Things that retailers can do are deliver experiences, as shops are more than places to buy things, so it is imperative for retailers to promote and create parallel marketing communication mix to that of apple. 


Brooke Miller's comment, September 26, 2013 5:53 AM
This article shows just how powerful Apple is when it comes to marketing and their knowledge of the consumer. They really are able to see the big picture: the sale AND the consumer. They have the understanding of their market and know just what they want, but they don't forget it like some companies do and inevitably becomes their downfall. Apple is always one step of the game with their instore and out of store promotion and selling, and the ideas are so simple, yet not everyone can follow in their foot steps. Apple is all about delivering experience, and it the shoppers experience that keeps consumers coming back.
Brittany R Taylor's comment, September 26, 2013 9:04 AM
The article shows that Apple has become such a powerful company and has achieved effective communication mix. Apple has a real strong brand equity and brand power in this ever changing market. Apple can see who the consumer is and the sale . Apple has really stepped-up the game in selling and not everyone has been able to achieve this. Its not just the image of Apply, it has created a following by their consumers
James Bradley's curator insight, September 30, 2013 11:59 PM

As the technological age evolves and competition throughout the world in all industries becomes increasingly intensified, having an effective communication mix in place is becoming more and more important. As Apple approach to communication is unique stating "technology should serve consumers, not the other way round" which proves that the building block to successful retail and communication starts with the customer in mind and then and only then evolves. This starts with the three key ideas mentioned in the article which result in the consumer being drawn into the brand, purchasing at their own pace and being communicated with utilising a differentiated and unique approach. In acheiving the three ideas set out in the article, retailers can and will see results and measuring these results against action taken is vital in order to understand what works and what doesn't in a dynamic fast paced environment which business now operates within.

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consumer engagement

Jordan's insight:

This article shows the advantages of online advertising for marketers. According to it, this channels allows a better reach and consequently consumer loyalty and repeated purchases through consumer engagement.


Today it is all about multi-channel and community which now involves multiple online elements such as search, online chat, track purchase, and uses tools such as price comparisons, blogs, social networks and more.


I also strongly believe that in todays competitve market it is critical that retailers needs to deliver content that is relevant, engaging and personal in order to build trust between the consumer and the brand. Ultimately this will enable businesses to create strong brand loyalty. I also strongly believe that businesses have huge potential to use big comapanies as stepping stones to help themselves build strong brand equity. 

Brooke Miller's comment, September 26, 2013 5:04 AM
This article shows how consumers these days do not follow the same rules as they once did when it comes to marketing. Consumers need to be involved, particularly within the realms of media and social networking. I agree that retailers need to "deliver content that is relevant, engaging and personal in order to build trust between the consumer and the brand". I agree with the entirety of the insight, and that consumers also need to be targeted more accurately, especially through the use of social media.
Brittany R Taylor's comment, September 26, 2013 9:34 AM
The article shows how consumers have changed in how they buy products. Consumers want to feel like they are involved, when it comes to social media. The article talks about how major companies have maintained their brand equity through this growing advertising industry.
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Evaluation of Effectiveness of Marketing Communication Mix Elements in Nigerian Service Sector

Jordan's insight:

The article is very theory based, it focuses on the importance of creating an effective communication mix, measuring results against objectives. Organizations exist to attain certain mission for undefined period of time. In order to exist in the business for a long period of time, organizations must look for effective and efficient ways of doing business activities to achieve organizational objectives.


due to the competitive nature of business, in order for businesses to function it is imperative that they utilise an feective marketing communication mix. 


The reasons why, are basically, if implemented correctly businesses are able to achieve whom they are targeting, how often, and create possible brand loyalty if the communication mix is utilised correctly. The use strategies, tactics and activities involved in getting the desired marketing message to intended target markets can be achieved through  the use of Public Relation And Publicity, Advertisement, Sales Promotion Personal Selling, Direct Marketing. 


Based on the article, ways in which marketers look to measure results agsinst objectives is by a means of market research, from this they are able to get opinions from whom they are trying to target. they get first hand knowledge, another way to get statistics and data, they can draw a stron relationship between the businesses overall performance, which can be directy related to the marekting communication mix.

Brooke Miller's comment, September 26, 2013 5:36 AM
This journal article shows the research of a Nigerian Service Sector and the effectiveness of marketing communications. The researched showed that although they used advertisement and personal selling, the lack of psychological knowledge about the market being targeted, there was a lack in the promotional quality to successfully engage the target market. This goes to show that it really does make a different whether or not a company is aware of who they are selling too and how best to go about doing so.
Brittany R Taylor's comment, September 26, 2013 9:57 AM
The journal was based in the Nigerian Service Sector and how effective marketing communication is. It talks about how advertising, brand loyalty and awareness is perceived by the respondants. The journal talks about the communication mix and if achieved and impleted correctly then brand loyalty will increase. It shows that businesses need to be aware of what your brand is, and how it is perceived