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5 Ways of Using Direct Marketing

5 Ways of Using Direct Marketing | Milestone 2 |
Your presentation should contain more that just one way your product can be of service to your prospect. You must also be prepared to handle objections and questions that the prospects will have
Bridget Cashmore's insight:

This article discusses 5 successful direct marketing methods, which can be utilized in the process of brand management and increased sales. Direct mail, telemarketing, email, direct response and personal selling were identified as very direct marketing strategies. Today, I feel that several marketing strategies will become ineffective due to the changing world and technological developments. Telemarketing is becoming less effective due to the decrease in users of home telephones or consumers living too busy lives to spend time talking on the phone to marketers. Again, email is recently being perceived as irritating and time-consuming. Consumers are beginning to set filters on their emails, stopping mass advertising emails.  I feel that the most effective direct marketing strategy would be direct mail or personal selling. Consumers are more likely to look or take in the information that is being presented to them. 


Fifita Tui's comment, September 25, 2013 8:08 PM
By using the five methods of direct marketing would help the business increase sales and maintain direct communication within the marketing field. With all five methods of marketing there are negatives and positives as technology is advancing and there is always a better or faster way of approaching things. I could see how all five methods connect and for every business one method could work better then the other.
samuel slaughter's comment, September 25, 2013 11:48 PM
the five marketing techniques used can be effective, but for every 5 sales you make, i predict that 50 people would of been contacted, give or take 10 depending on the medium of choice. These strategies will sell your product but it all boils down to weather it is the most effective way to reach your target market. A lot has to do with the product you are selling. If you are sending out mail, give the panflits some value e.g. "present this voucher and get 10% off" EVOLP in this
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Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow | Milestone 2 |
If you are contemplating a mix of marketing communications tools then you likely realize that using a variety of communications techniques can be more effective than using a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

Via Erica George, jaklinissaeva, zzz, Somerville Communications UK SMB
Bridget Cashmore's insight:

I feel that developing an effective communication mix is the foundation for successful brand strategy and management. To effectively implement integration of the promotional mix ‘price, promotion, place and product’.  It is imperative for brand managers to firstly identify their target market; whom are they aiming their advertising and product to. Segmentation of audiences is important in order to capture the attention of the desired consumers. Managers must then select an appropriate message or campaign idea that they want to manipulate into the consumers mind. The message must be communicated through an appropriate channel, i.e. through social media for younger generations. Managers must set out the goals and objectives for their strategic plan; what is your communication mix aiming to do?


Elaine Li's comment, September 27, 2013 1:07 AM
Great insight. I think this is a great article in relation to our week 6 coursework because it gives a great develop on how to set up an effective communication mix. In order to implement a good strategy through the marketing promotional mix, there are five steps listed:
1. Identify your target audiences
2. Create your key message points
3. Identify your apertures
4. Write your plan
5. Identify your tactics.
As long as you follow these steps, marketing communication mix will not be a problem to your business anymore.
Swati Tiwary's curator insight, October 2, 2013 9:48 AM
This article outlines the importance of developing an effective marketing communication mix. effective communication with consumers is vital for any business. This part comes under the promotion part of the marketing plan. It is important to have a variety of communication techniques as the target audience for every product is diverse. This articles states 6 ways of developing a good communications mix: 1) its important to have identify the target audience: this can be done by a good extensive research. The target audience needs to be further segmented into categories such as current customers, prospective customers and early adopters 2) Create your key message points: it is important to pin point the key messages that the company wants to impart to the consumers 3) Identify your apertures: it is important to find out the opportunities or openings to reach their audience. For example if a company wants to reach school children then they need to make use of a classroom 4) Its important to write the plan: Writing the plan in a clear and concise manner is important. They key objectives and the plan to fulfill them is important so people have clear guidelines to follow 5) Identify the tactics: tactics are important to meet the overall objective. Its good to use tactics that would appeal to the target audience. Effective communication is vital for integrated marketing communications. communication is not a straight forward or a single dimmentional thing. Its multi faceted just like the market and its consumers. hence it is important to have a mix of different communication strategies to cater to all the different segments of the target audience
Rachel Chen's curator insight, October 3, 2014 12:10 AM

It is a really good base for entrepreneurs and marketers in new startup businesses, as well as organisations who wish to increase brand awareness across a wide audience. It’s first important for any firm to identify its target audience with the use of demographic factors like age, buying habits and any other habits relevant to the organisation. It’s also important to create a key message with the direct information that is going to be communicated to the customers and target audience. This basic process will be the keystone to implementing an effective communications mix and highly recommend using it as planning tool for planning your promotional approach.

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Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret?

Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret? | Milestone 2 |
For an increasing number of campaigns, integration across a large number of media is essential. Tim Bourne, chief executive of Exposure, explains how it should be done
Bridget Cashmore's insight:

This article really interests me because they are brands that I prefer, particularly Nike. Snickers, Nike and Fosters are all brands that feel that the integration of messages across all media channels is important and is the foundation for a successful marketing plan. They feel that if brand managers continue one look and feel across all advertising channels, it will eventually get boring and consumers will ‘switch off’. It is vital that each campaign must contain the same message, which can be tied together. Snickers have created a message “your not you when your hungry”, each TV or magazine advert differed from each other because it featured different celebrities and looks, but still had the baseline message. Additionally, Snickers approached celebrities to use Social Media (Twitter) to tweet about their product. I think this was a very amusing way and it would have appealed to a lot of their target market.

Fifita Tui's comment, September 25, 2013 8:33 PM
Nike,Snickers Fosters are three big brands! Integration across all media is a successful way of marketing or advertising your brand. With Nike they relate to Athletes and sports and how people connect with the brand and Nike would need to always change its advert to keep people interested so they don’t get bored. Snickers use celebrities to connect with the consumer to purchase their product. Twitter is one of the biggest internet connection people relate to so businesses use this to market their products.