Milan City Guide App
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Milan City Guide App
City travel guide for Milan and surroundings with over 385 articles and 3600 quality pictures of sights, attractions, churches, monuments, museums, shops, bars, restaurants etc in Milan and other cities. See for an impression of the app. Features: • over 350 articles describing the most interesting sights and venues of Milan and surroundings. Milan alone is covered with 250 articles. • the sights are subdivided in the following categories: Accommodation, Aperitivo & Nightlife, Art & Photography, Bars & Café’s, Churches & Abbeys, Family Fun, Fashion & Design, Hidden Gems, Ice Cream & Delicacies, Major Sights, Monuments & Architecture, Museums & Libraries, Parks & Gardens, Practical Info, Restaurants, Shops & Markets, Sights in Cremona, Sights in Pavia, Sights in the Oltrepò Pavese, Sights in Vigevano, Sport & Wellness, Squares, Streets, Districts, Theaters & Venues • 2200 carefully selected relevant pictures of the sights including details, paintings, frescoes and sculptures. Some over the major sights are presented with over 30 pictures. • fully off-line functionality, including zoomable maps • extensive cross referencing via internal links • many external links to official websites (almost all in English) and sites with useful background information, turning the App into a mini-encyclopedia when an Internet connection is available • accommodation suggestions, for pre-trip planning • selection of the best value-for-money restaurants, at reasonable price levels • over 250 things to do for less than 10 euro per person, most of them FREE • accessibility info for the disabled • free updates with extended info and extra entries The link to the iTunes Store: There is a Facebook page with example info from the App, that is very frequently updated:
Curated by Stef Smulders
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