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This piece was selected by Robin Good and discovered by Alison Harrison. I selected it because as Robin says, it is full of great information. This content is aimed at librarians but is great for all of your curators out there. 


Here's an example of what you'll find in these articles: 


When you use curation to build trust and establish your reputation

you have to have a well defined strategy by asking questions like this:


**How does your curation strengthen and communicate your brand or profile?


**How does it generate traffic for your resources and services both physical and virtual?


**How does it extend beyond your sphere of influence with key stake holders and decision makers?




Robin Good: The School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (SLANZA) publishes "Collected", a professionally-designed and written digital magazine.


This issue is dedicated to content curation and it includes several articles on how to reuse content with confidence, a great checklist for curation and a really nifty piece on a newbie's experience with


Informative. Highly recommended. 8/10


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Downloadable PDF:  ;


(thanks to Alison Harrison for first discovering it)

Via Robin Good, janlgordon