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Planning your 2014 marketing strategy can feel quite overwhelming. Relieve the stress of planning New Year by asking the right questions.




1. How do your clients’ customers want to get information?

2. Is all of your content mobile-friendly?

3. What are your clients concerned about, moving into 2014?

4. How are your clients’ competitors faring?

This is more of a demanding question than it might appear on the surface. You want to be able to inform your clients of where/whether their competitors are advertising, what products they are promoting, whether they are taking pot shots at your client, and more. This extends beyond positive and negative mentions on social media platforms. No shortcuts!

5. If you haven’t proposed social media marketing yet, is now the time?

6. If social media marketing should start, what platforms should you recommend?

7. What has happened with Search Engine Optimization?

8. Is it time to propose an app?

9. What’s next for content marketing?

10. What new ideas can you bring to your clients?



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