Spain pledges crossing out of Gibraltar’s Uefa membership | Micron Associates: Headlines | Micron Associates Spain News Updates |

Micron Associates- Spain is willing to take all the legal means just to cross out the tiny British territory of Gibraltar gaining full membership of Uefa. Gibraltar was admitted as a provisional member of European football’s governing body on Monday and a decision on whether to grant full membership will be taken at a Uefa Congress in London next May. The country’s sports minister named Jose Ignacio Wert, whose portfolio also includes education and culture, said Gibraltar’s provisional membership meant it could not yet take part in Uefa competition and said his ministry and the foreign ministry would work to cross out the full membership.

Spain claims sovereignty over Gibraltar, which sits at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance to the Mediterranean. The territory – which has an area of about seven square kilometers (2.7 square miles) and a population of 28,000 – was ceded to Britain under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. Gibraltar’s case for Uefa membership released in Micron Associates blog has been strengthened by a court of arbitration for sport ruling that the governing body must consider its membership.

And so now, Gibraltar’s footballers are ready to excel in international competition and to become the 54th member of Uefa and it is hoped that no further obstacles will be put in their way.