Best Los Angeles Acting Classes & Lessons | Michelle Danner Acting Studio in Los Angeles |

The Michelle Danner Acting studio definetely is one the best in the Los Angeles area. I know it's a lot to say but I've been going to several of them now and met a lot of people that are studying in various acting schools. The Michelle Danner acting studio at The Edgemar Center for the Arts offers a very intense program in which you learn a lot about yourself, others and mostly - of course - the characters you're supposed to play.


The teachers are amazing and passionate about their work, you feel it and you wanna work hard to please them ! At least I do...


They offers many classes. I chose the "WELL ROUNDED ACTOR TRAINING INTENSIVE" program and I am deeply satisfied with this.


I just wanted to share this with because I know that it can be difficult to find good acting teachers that understand what you need to work to improve your acting skills. 


The program includes the following classes (the Golden Box is truly amazing) : 

*The Actor's Golden Box: With Michelle Danner
*Audition for Film & Television: On-Camera Cold Reading
*Scene Study, Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced
*Improv Workout
*Casting Director Workshop
*Voice intensives level 1 & level 2
*Brad Garrett the Emmy Award winning star of Everybody Loves Raymond Teaching a sitcom/comedy intensive


To see more about the Acting School :



(310)392-0815 // INFO@EDGEMAR.ORG