Based in Syracuse, New York, the Upstate Lacrosse Association organizes girls’ and boys’ lacrosse leagues, conferences, and tournaments for kindergarten- through high school-aged children. The association features six divisions, ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade, junior varsity, and varsity. Students play at their grade level and learn skills and learn strategies appropriate to their ages and abilities.

The Upstate Lacrosse Association’s season runs from May 1 through July 25. Each team plays eight games per season, including two on opening weekend and one game per week for the remainder of the season. Teams practice twice a week, with the coaches generally determining the practice dates. Players require some of their own equipment. Girls need sticks, goggles, and mouth guards, while the boys should bring helmets, sticks, shoulder and arm pads, gloves, mouth guards, and optional protective cups. The association provides goalie equipment.

To learn more about the Upstate Lacrosse Association and how to volunteer or coach, visit the organization’s website at

About the Author:

Keefe Gorman of Ithaca, New York, is a lifelong athlete and the former Captain of the St. Lawrence Division I ski team. He became involved with the Upstate Lacrosse Association through his children, all four of whom are active in sports, including lacrosse.