Healthcare consumers actively sharing health information on social networks | mHealth & Entrepreneurship |
A new survey conducted in May 2014 in the US shows that 85 percent of respondents would publicly share their health experience on social media to support others with the same disease. Conducted by Liquid Grids, a Precision Marketing Platform for the Healthcare Industry, the survey also found that 80 percent of respondents share news articles about health. Around 30 percent of all respondents had shared a personal health experience in the last three months and there was no significant difference in the frequency of either negative or positive health experiences. “Our research has consistently shown a correlation between healthcare and social media use,” said Malcolm Bohm, CEO of Liquid Grids. “The results of this survey further underline how Social is becoming the new DTC as the industry moves to focus on the consumer.” The survey noted that Facebook and disease forums were the preferred destinations and accounts for 77 percent of activity. Around 54 percent of respondents reported posting in social media about others they are connected to, while 68 percent report that they trust health information posted by people with the same disease.