New Opposition Movement Urges Rapid Overthrow of Al-Saud Monarchy | "Asian Spring" |

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A newly declared Saudi opposition movement called 'Ikhwan al-Mo'menoun (Faithful Brotherhood) for Freedom of Hejaz' described the al-Saud family reigning over Saudi Arabia as infidels, and called for their removal from power.


"At this sensitive moment that nations have decided to determine their fate and while a wave (of determination) has risen to change their bitter situation, we grab the string of faith brotherhood and announce that it is now the time to start change (in Saudi Arabia) and declare existence of our Islamic movement," a statement by the group said on Wednesday.


"Since our movement and move is based on Islamic change, the real point of change in our dear homeland is the overthrow of the criminal al-Saud, which is the underlying cause of division in the Muslim world, so that the Muslim people can take the power and infidels are fired from Hejaz," it added.


"This is the start of our secret activity and there is no return on this path," the statement stressed.

Saudi Arabia has already witnessed popular uprisings in some regions, specially its oil-rich province in the East.


Saudi Arabia's east has been the scene of anti-government protests since February 2011, with demonstrators demanding human rights reform, freedom of expression and the release of political prisoners.


Qatif has for months been a central point for protests by the Shiite minority who have called for political reforms in the ultra-conservative Sunni-ruled kingdom, where protests are illegal.

Several demonstrators have been killed and dozens of activists have been arrested since the beginning of the protests in the region.


Riyadh has intensified its crackdown on anti-government protesters since the beginning of 2012.

Saudi Arabia has the worst human rights record according to both Western and Islamic norms.