"More than 500 patients who suffer from severe chronic pain related to cancer can participate in one of the largest trials in cancer pain in 145 hospitals spread over 21 countries worldwide.

"Many cancer patients suffer from severe chronic pain related to their cancer. Unfortunately many of these patients are not satisfied with their current treatment options for the management of their pain due to the limitations of these treatments.[1] The German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal is investigating the efficacy and safety of the new analgesic cebranopadol for the treatment of severe chronic pain and peripheral neuropathic pain. Patients suffering from cancer-related severe pain are encouraged to check if they qualify to participate in a large cancer pain phase III trial, the so-called CORAL trial. The CORAL trial aims to show that the investigational drug cebranopadol can provide equally strong analgesia as a standard strong opioid in cancer patients while causing considerably fewer side effects. As the first trial of cebranopadol's phase III clinical program, referred to as the OCEANIC PROGRAM(R), Grünenthal will start the CORAL trial in 145 hospitals spread over 21 countries, including the United Kingdom. More than 500 patients are planned to complete this trial by 2016. More information about the CORAL trial and participating hospitals is available athttp://www.oceanic-program.com."

Editor's note: Clinical trials are research studies with volunteer patients. Learn more about them.