Despite FDA Act, Cancer Drug Trial Results Often Not Published | Melanoma Dispatch |

Passed in 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Amendments Act included a provision requiring the publishing of all clinical trials for cancer drugs performed in the U.S. However, an examination of online public records and journals revealed that nearly half of phase II, phase III, and phase IV clinical trial data have not been made available to the public. The researchers found 646 clinical trials in an online registry with completion dates between December 26, 2007, and May 31, 2010. But one year after completion, just 9% of clinical trial results had been posted at, and only 12% had been posted in online journals (20% total availability). Three years after completion, 31% of clinical trial data had been posted on and 35% had been posted in journals, with 55% available via both sources. The researchers called for better reporting of clinical trial data, as it could have an impact on patient treatment and safety.