How Mindfulness Can Help You Be a Better Photographer | The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation |

One benefit of becoming a meditator that is not often discussed is that as you become more mindful, awake, and aware -- you might become a better photographer.


You will develop a different way of seeing, one that allows you to take in the complete scene and hold it in your awareness. And at the same time you begin to pay attention to the rhythms and small changes happening in that scene. It is really a multitude of individual scenes, and you may never get the best shot when your mind focuses on only one possibility and your finger presses the button.


Of course, if you shoot a lot of pictures, you will probably find the one picture of that scene that works. This is allowing the camera to do the work for you. Mindfulness allows you to be a more intimate part of the process.


Kat Tansey