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As I write this I am eating my breakfast and checking back to the Busy Signal article to see if there is a quote I want to use. I live in two worlds -- the world of multitasking and the world of meditation. When I don't spend enough time in meditation, I feel myself unraveling, doing more and more with less and less true connection and insight.


There have been studies and articles about the value or possible harm of multitasking from both sides, pro and con. I tend to be in the middle, because that is where I live. But if I were to choose I would have to side with cons, simply because I see so many people who do not have some sort of meditation or quieting the mind practice, and when we discuss the benefits of such a practice they invariably say something like "I just can't sit still long enough to meditate" or "My mind races too much to mediate." And yet, if they were to be still and look at their lives as an observer rather than a participant, they might be able to see that they are in a speed race to nowhere.


This article is written by Andrew Olendzki, Ph.D., who is the executive director and senior scholar at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, in Barre, Massachussetts. Unlike many of the studies about multitasking, he looks at the issue from the perspective of the Buddha's teaching. Enjoy!


Kat Tansey