The Boomer-Millennial Workplace Clash: Is it Real? | Mediocre Me |

If you haven’t disclosed the details of a drinking binge, blasted music from your cubicle, or taken a mid-meeting nap at work recently, then you’re in better shape than many of the employees at a Fortune 500 healthcare company, where lately some business unit managers have asked the HR department for help teaching what they refer to as Millennial workplace etiquette.


In fact, they are asking for books, training programs, videos, anything to orient Millennial employees to the norms and culture of an organization.

On the heels of Time magazine’s controversial recent cover story by Joel Stein, which referred to Millennials as lazy, entitled, and selfish, it’s important to consider how that characterization, whether true or unfairly conjured from stereotypes, plays into workplace dynamics.

Via The Learning Factor, Zars Media