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What are the current trends with infographics in 2014?


Infographics have always been around, but the emergence of “Big Data” has caused the display of trends and statistical correlations using “little men” and 3-D pie charts to become more popular than ever. Why? As a society we’ve become inundated with piles of alphanumeric data each day. 


Infographics takes this content and boils it down to essential, understandable visual elements. Additionally, as a content building/content marketing tactic, infographics can provide a break from “dry text,” causing users to  spend more time on the page. But as the novelty of infographics has faded, more and more bad infographics saturate the web landscape.


In order for infographics to be effective, they need to use multiple data points to tell a cohesive story or prove a theory. After some research, I found some interesting trends affecting the infographics space....

Via Jeff Domansky