Medical Director Dr.Paul Drago enters first year in role at Barnwell Community Hospitala
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Medical Director Dr.Paul Drago enters first year in role at Barnwell Community Hospitala
Barnwell County, located in South Carolina, now hosts a growing array of medical professionals, many of who can be found at Barnwell Community Hospital, the general hospital of choice in the area. A doctor of otolaryngology, Dr. Paul Drago, who joined the hospital only recently, will now serve as Medical Director of Otolaryngology, thereby bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning the field of otolaryngology, something few can boast. Otolaryngology, or the basis for neck and throat conditions, is a highly competitive and rapidly growing field in the United States, and one that demands an increasingly higher level of precision and skill. Dr. Paul Drago, a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, with a background in sinus and allergy related surgery, has a long and prestigious history in the field of otolaryngology, having previously spent time interning at Yale. Dr. Paul Drago also spent duration of time in Birmingham, England, where he learned about surgery on an international level. Of his time spent in the field, Dr. Paul Drago spoke most notably of his time in Ohio, noting that the medical profession is not one to be entered into lightly. “In Ohio I learned the true value of medicine – of surgery, of patient care, of honesty, and of maximizing value,” he elaborated. “It was a truly cementing experience and taught me what I wanted out of life, my career, and my field within the medical world.” He has helmed multiple presentations, including a Ballantyne Breakfast Club talk on "Anti-aging medicine," a talk on “Evaluating the potential malpractice case – What to look for,” as presented to the Legal Nurse Counsel of the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a talk on “Swimmers’ Ear, Causes and Treatment,” presented on WRHI, a live radio talk show in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This extensive range of issues displays Dr. Paul Drago’s skills and various accomplishments, as well as his grasp of the field of otolaryngology. His specialties in South Carolina will be predominately focused on surgery, specifically sinus-related, as well as ear, nose, and throat issues on a general level.
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