LinkedIn’s one-click endorsements are crazy popular | Tendances, technologies, médias & réseaux sociaux : usages, évolution, statistiques |

Sometimes a little thing change the face of the world, on LinkedIn it's the one-click endorsement. I think it's really a great idea from LinkedIn to introduce this possibility. [note Martin Gysler]


It took LinkedIn nine years to reach 187 million members. It took the professional social network about one month to pass 200 million endorsements.

Endorsements are LinkedIn’s lightweight version of recommendations. The one-click, vote-of-approval option was released in late September; it offers members a quick and easy way to tell the world that a friend or co-worker is skilled in any area imaginable, say journalism, social media, or even kettlebells. Received endorsements are listed on member profiles in the skills and expertise section.



Via Martin Gysler