Georgia Civil Society 2.0: Rapid assessment & training report | Technology & Social Change Group | Médias sociaux pour le développement |

How are Georgian civil society organizations using social media to engage citizens, spark change, and shift public policy? A rapid assessment conducted as part of the Georgia Civil Society 2.0 project found that most organizations use social media, especially Facebook. However use is often not guided by strategy, mostly characterized by one-way broadcasting, and there is low awareness of limitations and risks. We recommend assessing the Networked Nonprofit model, creating more “edible evidence”, and using new media to weave networks — with free agents as well as with other organizations. We also suggest supporting innovation spaces (especially those connected to public libraries), promoting a DIY/hacker/maker ethic, and nurturing connections with the open source community. Finally, better articulating the project’s theory of change and establishing benchmarks will enable the project to advance knowledge in this field.