Engaging and Connecting: How Lauren has Established an Online Identity in her Niche Areas | Media strategy | Scoop.it

When Lauren started using Scoop.it, she was hoping to find valuable content to inform the followers of her website and blog posts, as well as gain knowledge for both personal and professional growth.


More and more, there is an expectation that sites, blogs and media outlets provide 'new' stories on a constant, daily basis, and Lauren started to notice increased repetition of the same information among many of the blogs and sites she had followed for years to help find unique and relevant news. Content curation has since become a means to filter through the proliferation of the same news to discover the stories that aren't necessarily being widely shared or re-blogged, or found on the first page (or second or third) of any given search results.


Not knowing exactly what to expect in the beginning, Lauren says that an open mind allowed her to explore the potential of a platform like Scoop.it and learn from the curators she began following. Over a year later, her goals of seeking unique, accurate and relevant information haven't changed dramatically, though her approach has adapted somewhat in order to best utilize the platform. Based on what Lauren has learned and experienced, she's expanded her goals to engage more with others and connect, not only on Scoop.it, but on social media sites, personal and professional blogs and even offline. When she found that others were interested in the topics she curated, it inspired her to share more and has subsequently helped to establish an online identity in her niche areas.