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Rescooped by Victor De Jesus from Social Media Campaigns!

Nike Social Media #CatchTheFlash

This time it wasn’t just a virtual challenge, more an integrated product experience, as Nike had real runners hooked up to GPS and wearing the “Flash” running jacket. With the aim for runners across Vienna to turn up and chase down the Nike Flash runners, who could be tracked via the mobile app.


To Catch The Flash, runners would have to take a photo of the runner, which would reveal the special number as the flash hit the jacket (light reflective material to help runners be seen at night). The person to catch the most Flashes wins! I like the integration of real runners in this ARG…

Via Jean Cruz
Victor De Jesus's insight:


Nike finds a genius way to integrate customer experience with new product. No, they didnt make the general public vote on a color or go online and watch a preview, it did something Nike is known for doing, something new and innovative in kind.

Nike gathered runners who were willing to wear a jacket made out of the same 3M material used for reflective nightwear and the street signs we drive by everyday. The runners were then to be chased by people all around Vienna as their locations could be tracked via an app. Not only did Nike get a ton of interaction, im willing to bet they collected a ton of data from this even and i would not be surprised to see many more like this arise as it looks like a fun, interactive way to inform the consumer about a product while simultaneously integrating technology, social media, and fashion ... the three things most 19-34 year old adults, Nike's target audience, are known for consuming the most. Nike found an entertaining and enjoyable way to market this product.


i'd be lying if i said this wasn't inspirational.

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Social Media Brings Nike 'Closer Than Ever'

Social Media Brings Nike 'Closer Than Ever' | measuring the impact of social media |

Learn how Nike is using social media to unite and expend their business by getting closer to their customers

Via Ken Horst
Victor De Jesus's insight:

“Social media is helping us unite and expand,” he says. “We have never been closer to our consumers, as they connect more with each other, their heroes and their favorite teams” said Mark Parker, President/CEO of Nike. This artile was an interesting piece on how Nike is using Social Media effectively to gain profits in all areas.

Nike mentions that its second-quarter revenues improved from 18% to $5.7 billion, $4.8 billion climb in the same period last year. Net income also increased 3% to $469 million, compared with $457 million in the year before.

It is really interesting to me the fact that this company who has had so much success in so many areas, is still learning new ways of creating revenue. It goes to show how much of an impact social media is making in the corporate world. It seems that through its social media campaigns, Nike is learning things about their customers and in turn it is helping them know exactly how to serve their customers in a very satisfactory way.

Good Read.

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Scooped by Victor De Jesus!

7 super social TV stats from the Superbowl | immediate future.

Victor De Jesus's insight:

This very interesting article was about how successful some social media campaigns were during the airing of the very famous NFL SuperBowl. It mentions how well some of the companies did and how some of their fans responded to their efforts. 

In the article, the author mentions also, just how many tweets on twitter that night were about the Super Bowl game as opposed to tweets about ads that were played during the Super Bowl. 7 to 2 is the number. For every 7 tweets sent about the Super Bowl game and its status, 2 tweets were sent out about the ads playing that night. That number may not seem like much but when magnified, 6 million out of 20 million tweets were about ads. That is a significant number in itself, let alone recalling the fact that social media was not even an english term just 10-15 years back. 

In its text, the article also compares giants of the corporate world, Taco Bell and GoDaddy, and takes a deeper look at just how well their campaigns worked for their followers. 

Taco Bell in one hand, had a marvelous turn out as the fast food super company ended up breaking a record for most new fans from the Super Bowl. They managed to get more than 129k positive tweets about their campaign and ads during the game. Taco Bell's tremendous positive feedback tells a story of just how much of an impact social media campaigns make in improving the perception of a company on the internet audience, especially in today's world where the internet rules all. 

Audi also generated a ton of positive feedback, as it was reported that more than 80% of tweets linked to the very lob sided Super Bowl, were of positive sentiment. Audi also joined Coca-Cola and Budweiser in the only three companies to generate 5000+ followers from Super Bowl activity on the internet. 

On the flip side, Social Media Campaigns are obviously still a very new and untouched subject that many companies don't know how to work just yet. For example, the domain registry company "GoDaddy." In its attempts to gain followers and generate positive noise about company, GoDaddy actually ended up receiving more than 290k tweets that night, however, less than 14% of those tweets were positive. 

It just goes to show that the world of marketing is evolving, fast! This article magnifies the importance of fan opinions and social media impacts on companies. It says that companies better start creating profiles and sending posts of the right kind. In Tide and Audi's case, they gained a ton of followers which they can now openly market to. It also concludes however that one must be careful with the things they post about their company. Not all tweets are good tweets and this entire social media world is now opened for exploration. Learn all you can and absorb as much advice as possible, as i am sure that next year will be an even bigger year with more spenders wanting to market their companies and more thumbs wanting to tweet about their attempts.

Remember, the next Super Bowl is just 211 days away!

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Hardys Wine sets out to replicate Nike's social media sparkle - Marketing Week

Hardys Wine sets out to replicate Nike's social media sparkle - Marketing Week | measuring the impact of social media |
Hardys Wine sets out to replicate Nike's social media sparkle
Marketing Week
The drinks maker is integrating its social media efforts with print, outdoor and press activity after previously using the discipline in isolation.

Via Phil Glutting
Victor De Jesus's insight:

This article is about how a wine company, Hardy Wine, has been studying Nike and Disney's marketing campaigns for the past two years in order to see what sets them aside from their competitors in in their respected markets.

Like Nike, Hardy Wine has begun to weigh their marketing spending heavily towards social media platforms like instagram and facebook. The company is launching a mini comedy series in its attempts to rid the old stereotype that chardonnay is an unfashionable, dull drink. The comedy show will consist of known comedians who feel passionate about chardonnay and the most interesting part of the show is that the company plans on promoting the show on social media sites only. Ads can be viewed on Facebook and Twitter.

In my opinion, it is not so original of this company to get the idea from another company on how to market their brand and ideas, however, it is a valiant effort. The fact that the company spent two years studying nike and disney means that they are really interested and it sounds like something that could end up working for them if they can find a way to put Nike's way of marketing sneaker and sportswear into wine context. I believe most companies are realizing the new trend are soon will all be on social media sites. This company just found one of the best to do it and mirrored them.

to each its own, right?

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4 Instances When Social Media Fueled a Revolution

4 Instances When Social Media Fueled a Revolution | measuring the impact of social media |
Social media can be a powerful way to distribute information to loosely affiliated groups of people with a common interest.
Victor De Jesus's insight:

This article is about four revolutions that happened in 4 different parts of the world, and how social media played a role in each of them. This article shines light on just how important social media is becoming in our world.

The Libyan Revolution was one where the public would had been disconnected of what was going on around the country without YouTube and twitter. It helped the revolution spread its message and make a huge impact.

The Arab Spring was such that would never have happened without social media. In the spring of 2011, millions of posts on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook spread the word and started a revolution in Egypt that spread over northern Africa and across the middle east about the citizens that needed to get their voices across.

In New York shortly after the Arab Spring, Wall street was overtaken by thousands of protestors in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The movement could have never been arranged without the help of social networks which assisted in the synchronization of all of the participants and spreading of reminders on plans, meetings, and even updates.

In the Ukrainian Revolution, social media also helped bring the thousands of protestors together. In one collective effort, the thousands of like-minded protesters took the streets at once. This, like the other revolutions, could have never been possible without the alternative method of communication social media provides us as a gateway to share expressions and beliefs.

The article also states how our generations version of "the shot heard all around the world" has been converted to "the tweet retweeted all around the world." I think this article is interesting and depicting of what we are to expect of coming times. Lots and lots of tweets.

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