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Meal plans for weight loss play a key role to achieving a toned body and vibrant health. This article shall help with that. How to get rid of stubborn body fat and develop toned, and ripped abs? Some choose to follow the intense workout in gyms while other prefers sports such as swimming and running. However, in order to reduce excessive weight and improve strength and stamina, one should not take nutrition lightly. Proper meal plans are essential for providing sufficient nutritional value, boosting metabolism, removing toxins and reducing fat accumulated within the body. So, are you ready to learn appropriate meal plans for weight loss , and get the physique you have always dreamed of? Meal Plans For Weight Loss 1. Drink Large Amounts Of Water Meal plans for weight loss demonstrate the importance of water. Accounting for 70% of our body, water is a vital substance to sustain life. It enables all the activities of body cells such as melting fat and blood flow . Drinking more water will help you reduce fat easier, since the more water you drink, the sooner you will feel full and the less you will eat. Drinking one ounce of water for two pounds of body weight in a daily basis is recommended. To get the optimal results, you can use a bottle to contain 20 ounces of water at your desk, and remember to fill it six times a day. 2. Burn More Calories Than You Consume Meal plans for weight loss are designed so you can burn more energy than you get and reduce weight quickly. Calculating the RMR (resting metabolic rate) that shows the amount of calories you burn a day with regular activities. RMR = your pounds of bodyweight x 13 If you do exercises, you should calibrate the amount of energy during intense workouts. For example, a 30-minute average aerobic exercise requires at least 350 calories, and a set of lifting at the same time will burn approximately at 200 calories. After completing the calculation, you must add the RMR to the total calories needed in your gyms, and try to keep your total calorie intake in a day below that number. 3. Eat Less Starchy Carbs Starchy foods like breads, potatoes, pasta and rice should be limited in your daily meal plans for weight loss, since they will give your body more glycogen stores and energy than it actually needs, and the leftover will be accumulated as fat. You don't need to remove the starchy fat completely from your meals though. All you have to do is limiting the consumption while reducing fat. An amount of three to five cups of rice or pasta or sliced potatoes should be appropriate. 4. Never Forget Full And Balanced Breakfasts Sadly, many people, for not wanting to get to their office late, choose to ignore their breakfast or have only a cup of coffee for a new day. Skipping your breakfast makes people get tired so quickly, and they will find it more difficult to shed fat. Your body needs nutritional value to rebuild itself after a long night of starvation, so proper and balanced breakfasts are very important. If you just have a quick bite instead of eating a full meals, you workout performance and everything you plan to do are going to be negatively impacted. 5. Eat Less Sugar Sugar (simple carbs) may be good when you need to replenish your energy after an exhausting workout, but excessive sugar will make your body store unwanted fat layers. So, it is best to satisfy your appetite occasionally, but instead of eating too much sugar, try to use fresh fruits as an alternative. Sugar-rich beverages such as juice and soft drinks should be replaced by diet soda, water, tea or coffee. 6. Drink Black Coffee Before Training A cup of coffee before your workout will prove very useful since caffeine will make your body use body fat instead of glucose during high-intensity workouts. Never eat a rich carbohydrate meal with your coffee if you don't want the effectiveness to be lessened. Within one hour of training, you can drink up to two cups of black coffee to promote the fat consumption. Say no to sugar and cream that add unwanted fat and calories. After you drink black coffee, you should not drink coffee at any other time of the day. If you do that meal plans for weight loss, you will get the most out of the fat-burning effects. For the original version on Web visit: