Are Brands Missing the Mark with Pinterest on Mobile? | mayla22 |

This piece was written by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Marketer


Pinterest is quickly becoming a social media star for brands and retailers to showcase and share their products with a reported tenfold increase in traffic over the past six months.


Here are some highlights that caught my attention:


**Given the site's value on sharing content one-on-one relationships is an example of how a retailer can tie an in-store experience to Pinterest


**"Brands need to set an example for users to engage with them while they are experiencing the brand" Kerri Smith iProspect


**Brands that use Pinterest need to have two main mobile focuses - mobile and search


**Once a user pins something, tey can tap on oit to view more infomation about it via the web, making a mobile-optimized web site crucial to keep mobile Pinterest users engaged with content.


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