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Know the Need of a Robust Maintenance Management Softwar



Maxpanda's insight:

In the 1960s, there was a very little focus on identifying and managing the function of maintenance. The emphasis was more on manufacturing and marketing of the finished products. It was only a decade later that managers start shifting their attention to documentation of maintenance tasks leading to preventive maintenance. Now, preventive maintenance is everywhere in practice and that too with the help of computer software as everything is now computerized for an increased efficiency and speed. Due to mammoth rise in investment, preventive maintenance is now a core business operation that is tough to ignore. The market is also flooded with both open-sourced and licensed maintenance management software.

Maxpanda as robust maintenance management software has gained tremendous reputation in the market owing to its some fabulous features. Free training facility to become familiar with the functioning with this maintenance management software is also offered to clients by dedicated managers. Robust maintenance management software helps in a myriad of ways to any business whether it is a factory, a corporate enterprise or a medical facility. Some of the benefits because of which maintenance management software has become indispensible are the following ones.

Improved equipment availability – Availability of equipment in any office, factory or health care facility is of paramount importance. For example, in an office, printers, fax machines, telephone, computer systems and air-conditioning are the important equipments while in a healthcare facility, x-ray machines, sterilizing equipments and others are crucial for the smooth functioning of day to day operations. Good maintenance management software ensures improved equipment availability by careful scheduling of requests on priority basis so that there can be no problem of getting the desired equipments in perfect working condition at time of need.

Reduce downtime – A failure in getting the right resources whether employees, workers or equipments for completing a scheduled task within deadline often results in downtime that eventually cost much for a company or any organization. Affordable maintenance management software like Maxpanda reduce the downtime by carefully categorizing the maintenance activities in many classes so that focus can be on each activity for successful maintenance of the above equipments within a specified timeline. Robust maintenance management software also has built in task library to aid in this endeavor.

Increase productivity - Less delays and interruptions means more productivity and maintenance management software exactly ensures the same by its many features. Maintenance management software also led to a smooth flow of communication and prompt response and well as request of work orders that result in an overall increase productivity.

To get a free demo of powerful maintenance management software, do not hesitate to visit The software is available in many packages as per the client needs.

For more information please visit

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Solve Equipment Failure Issues with Quality Preventive Management Software



Maxpanda's insight:

Nothing can last forever as everything has a certain life expectancy. It is only a general belief that if investment has been done on expensive equipments, they will continue their functioning forever. This is not true at all and they also need regular maintenance or repair.  Good preventive management software is quintessential to any organization, be it a small one or a large corporate. Regardless of the type of business, preventive management software helps in smooth operation of all kinds of equipments. There are many companies that are now offering quality preventive management software to ensure smooth flow of operations within an organization and Maxpanda SaaS is one such effective preventive management software. It has a tremendous reputation in successful prevention of anticipated equipment failures in a very cost effective way and has a robust system for scheduling preventive maintenance tasks and to track the work orders.

What is preventive management?

Problem solving eats up the major chunk of the managerial time and if something is there that can solve the problems before they surface, then it makes a big difference indeed. Preventive management aims at the same and identifies the problems at an early stage effectively. It requires a myriad of skills like alertness, knowledge of establishing routines and prioritizing the things that crucial for a smooth continual of day to day activities. Now, software is there to do all these tasks with certain panache and this has undoubtedly lessened the burden on managers.

How does preventive management software works?

A preventive management software first define the maintenance activities and then use a calendar based system for each location as well as asset to  ensure proper scheduling of the preventive maintenance activities with the aid of built-in scheduling tools. It has maintenance groups that can be defined by a user and have options to generate automatic emails and sending them to requestors. It has a well-equipped preventive maintenance task library as well as an amazing ability to update the preventive maintenance tasks in a continual manner.

Class categorization by preventive management software

There are four classes in which preventive management software categorize maintenance activities. These are mentioned below.


What are the available services of Maxpanda SaaS?

Maxpanda Saas as a good preventive management software offers a number of crucial services that ease the difficulties experienced by managers in solving equipment failure issues to a great extent.

Cloud computing
Unlimited user access
24x7 technical support
Excellent file management
Data conversion and service import

It is best not to delay and get effective preventive management software today to have a cutting edge over others. To get a demo of preventive management software, visit

For more information please visit

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How Preventative Maintenance Software Helps You Save Your Assets?



Maxpanda's insight:

When a business invests in money on infrastructure or machineries, then it has only one purpose and aim in mind- to ensure long lasting life for the work for which it has been brought in the first place. These days there are newer and newer finds that are making great news worldwide and with every passing day, every company wishes to implement these in their daily works. Therefore, companies might wish to invest any amount of money for these so that a lot of time can be saved and one can be more productive than ever. However, to ensure that an asset works for as long a time, it is necessary that the client company using that machinery also takes care of it so that the actual end result is achieved over a long time or at least till the time that is guaranteed.

Preventative maintenance software and its applications:

If your company has invested in millions for acquiring computers, machineries, or laboratory equipments, or even furniture of high value, you would certainly wish that they remain as worthwhile as they have been in the past for a long time. Then go for using the Preventative maintenance software that is sure to help you out in managing the maintenance of all your valued purchases. This software is making great waves from all the industries where it has already been used.

Currently, major production units or manufacturing units of major brands or laboratories and diagnostic centers and even IT related companies have found great relief using this software.

Uses and Benefits of using Preventative Maintenance Software:

The Preventative or Preventive maintenance software is a personalized service for maintenance of your valued assets. This helps in systematically managing everything from your workflow that is influenced by your machineries and their working in the next level.

It has been seen that with regular maintenance structure of the software or assets they last longer and their life is prolonged by a great extent. We all know that everything has a life beyond which it might begin deteriorating and might not give the results that it has been offering all this while. The company, which has produced this product is not to be blamed, since all goods, whether electronic or manual has a wear and tear to be counted in.

How the Preventative maintenance software works miracle?

The Preventative maintenance software is one method that offers services on a regular phase so that if you come across any slight error in any of these scheduled maintenance checks, it can be corrected or rectified before the problem takes a mammoth size and becomes totally incorrigible or irreversible. This software has so far been able to save the client companies of millions of dollars that have been invested already in the machineries and technology.

For more information please visit

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Know the Significance of Work Order Software in Medical Facilities

Know the Significance of Work Order Software in Medical Facilities | Maxpanda |

A medical facility can be a multinational hospital that has to face many kinds of challenges in its day to day activities. In such an environment, there is increased work pressure due the need to complete many tasks. In a medical facility, it is important to keep record of the work requests and to keep the resources like medical equipments and other crucial things like HVAC equipment, electric beds, x-ray machines and heart monitors in sound condition so that its smooth functioning can never get hampered. To cope with situation, a collective effort is made usually, but now hospitals are making the best of the of the excellent work order software available in the market to manage the activities.


Maxpanda is actually a computer maintenance management system (CMMS) that minimize unnecessary costs by a perfect work order tracking. This work order software meets well the needs of a medical facility and of others also like corporate entities, government organizations and even small businesses without a glitch. The best part is that the work order software is available at different pricings to suit individual needs in a better way. There is also a provision of a free 7 day trial for the Maxpanda work order software. 

Functioning of work order software?

As told early, work order software work wonders for a medical facility and this is done due to its amazing features that are hard to ignore. The functioning of work order software is discussed below in brief. 

Easy submission of requests online through a user-friendly web page based on web browser helping in a faster response time and an enhanced communication eliminating the time in data entry. 

Any time request for any repair work facilitates in prompt decision and action which further minimizes loss that can incurred due to equipment failures. 

Easy review of work order status and email notifications to the healthcare staff about the work progression.


Total control over data through work order list view to avoid any confusion about the priority of a work order and deadline to complete the same


Obviously, nothing matters more than patients for any medical facility and Maxpanda work order software receives some brownie points to help in tracking and maintaining the work orders wonderfully. The fantastic work order software also helps in filtering the available work orders on basis of assets or locations and thus greatly reduces the workload of hospital managerial staff. For more information about the work order software, contact the sales team at toll free 1-844-855-2055. Developed with a futuristic vision where everyone will like to have the work order requests over their smartphones and desktop computers becomes obsolete, this work order software also works perfectly over mobile devices.


For more information please visit



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Prevent Unexpected Equipment Failures by Preventive Maintenance Software



Maxpanda's insight:

Unexpected equipment failures prove fatal for any business environment regardless of the business type and the main reason behind this is the lack of vision i.e. vision to get good Preventative Maintenance Software. Use of this type of software helps to have the right information in the right time and this results in restoring the worn out equipments and if needed replacing them within a specified time period. Maxpanda SaaS is simple and super effective software that enables to prevent the unexpected failure of equipments in the most cost-effective manner. The software comes with a full-fledged system for PM scheduling and tracking to manage the work orders of any company.

Know the Features of Maxpanda in respect to preventative maintenance

Maxpanda boasts many excellent features that prevent any equipment failures without any warnings beforehand. Some of the features are including but not limited to the following ones.

Define the requisite preventive maintenance in the task level itself
Has fully-integrated planning & scheduling tools
Generate requests and email to maintenance departments automatically
Offer a built-in powerful PM Task library for defining the PM tasks and processes
Calendar maintenance to view current and future maintenance activities
Offer limitless PMs based on calendars for individual asset or location
Is user-friendly and has easy to manage preventative maintenance in groups
Is a remarkable PM Manager for managing and controlling PM schedules as well as settings
Update each and every PM task successfully and publish them to the PM schedules associated with each of them.

With the powerful Maxpanda Preventative Maintenance Software, organizing your preventative work orders turns very convenient and easy. These work orders are always permission based and the software works while depending on these permissions to manage the view or edit rights of individual user.

Benefits offered by Maxpanda Calendar based PM

Having calendar based PMs offered a range of advantages for the users to deal with work orders in an efficient manner. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Clicking on hyperlinks lead to opening of the available work orders
Work orders can be shifted from one day to another by a drag and drop feature
It becomes possible to change any of the PM occurrences entirely by day, week or even month
Time allotted for the completion of a work order can be changed in a hassle-free manner
Current status can be easily viewed by the color coded links

Preventing unexpected equipment failure also means enhancing the shelf life of the equipments and more planned work environment. Just improve your existing maintenance culture by Maxpanda PMS.

For more information please visit

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Choose MAXPANDA – The Best Facility Management Software for your Businesses



Maxpanda's insight:

There has been a sea change in the way people used to do business in the past. Now most business hire a team of expert facility managers and off course take the invaluable aid of an appropriate Facility management Software to manage efficiently the day-to-day operations. There are in fact many computer-aided facilities management software existing in the market and the main challenge lies in choosing the most effective Facility Management Software for your business as every business differs from the other in a remarkable way to some extent. MAXPANDA is extremely user-friendly facility management software that is at present creating waves in the industry due to its razor-sharp features and ample advantages.


What is Facility Management?


Facility management is nothing but maintenance of multiple disciplines in a timely manner and that too within the allocated budget limits. This is to ensure that effective functionality of an environment by successful integration of people, places, process and available technology. For example, housekeeping, transportation, security maintenance are all under the umbrella term of facility management for some businesses. Facility management has now become an integral aspect of office and of schools, hospitals, etc.


Need of Software for Facility Management


Although, Facility Management was carried out by dedicated professionals, use of software helps to achieve accuracy and speed in a business. Microsoft excel has remained for a long time as the preferred software for facility management, but the dynamic market needs have now increased the need of a proper Facility Management Software that can be aligned to the specific business needs. Maxpanda with its superb compatibility with almost all web browsers, tablets and smartphones has obviously emerged as the favorite one among the industry leaders.


Know the ExcellentFfeatures of Maxpanda


Maxpanda boasts of many impressive features because of which it is used suitably in a number of prominent industries like healthcare, education, health care, public works, property maintenance, etc. The features of this excellent Facility Management Software are mentioned below.


•    Work Order Management
•    Preventative Maintenance Software
•    Preventive Maintenance Task Library
•    Customized Enterprise Asset Management
•    Screen shots
•    Users and Role Management  


Benefits of using MAXPANDA as a Facility Manager


Choose the ultimate Facility Management Software and get ready to avail the following benefits that will undoubtedly fetch you a better return on your investment at the end of the day. The benefits are including but not limited to the following ones.


•    Centralization and management of your complete work-flow of the maintenance management
•    Submitting and scheduling work orders via any web enabled service in a timely manner
•    Offers scalability to grow with your business accordingly
•    Seamlessly import your data from multiple devices like desktop, mobile devices, etc.
•    Results in a better collaboration between maintenance staff and clients with smartphones, tablets, etc.


So, just don’t delay any more and contact us for a free seven day trial at We have a range of pricings to suit every pocket type.

For more information please visit


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