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You get older testosterone is a former wallaby study after study has demonstrated that they keep this past year improves well be improves cardiac function ended also is really important inequality of life preventing frailty as we get older there’s no reason not to take this past are I money was doctor tried Giles I'm a doctor of chiropractic and natural internist today want to talk to you a bit about this clay senior for high glycaemia or hyperglycemia either way but this means abnormal glass means sugar and he means in the what so abnormal lectures specifically want talk right now about hypoglycemia or low blood sugar many times we have come we don't have a good regulation between the pay increase in the liver pancreas is a charger producing come and in the endocrine system that is the part that's producing it the insulin and glucagon is so is released when you have a lot of sugar and that should restore in the stillness in the cells as fat when there's low sugar then click gone glucose gone is a harmonious released to stoop or carbohydrates stores out of the liver to maintain publisher this is a good pitch right here the blue line would represent a normal blood sugar level it’s going to raise up slowly and drop slowly solicit you have your lunch in here have bunch of you know it which card with a up I and all that kind of stuff you see that it well about one or two you’re stuck have the low sugar.