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This is a Guest post by Paula Goldman, who is a marketing strategist, anthropologist, contributor to Huffington Post and much more. Great observations and I definitely agree with what she's saying.


I found this article in Google Alerts but noticed it was also posted by Beth Kanter on her blog, and I wanted to acknowledge her as well. As Beth just informed me below:


"The post is from a series of guest posts covering a conference - Growing Social Impact in a Networked World."


Here are some highlights......


"The wisdom of crowds, the insanity of crowds.


Mention the word “network” to most people and their reactions tend to sway between these two polar extremes.


****It’s either “crowdsourcing is the answer to everything” –


****or it’s a complaint that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are just “too full of chatter.”


If I have one takeaway from the GEO/Monitor Group conference on Networks earlier this week, it’s about how crucial the curator is in determining the difference between a successful network and one that simply makes lots of noise."


Disrupting Business as Usual


This insight hit home for me when serial entrepreneur Lisa Gansky talked about innovative businesses like CouchSurfing (, Zipcar, and AirBnB.


Gansky calls these “Mesh” businesses (—enterprises


****that leverage data and social networks to allow people to share resources conveniently (a car sitting idle, an extra room in your house).


****And she argues that they represent the future of our economy.


****In other words, the secret to thriving networks boils down to one thing: good curation.


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