Matt Lotze
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Matt Lotze

Matt Lotze is a reputed and highly acknowledged business management consultant. He has worked for many well-recognized companies, and founded a chain of retail stores with $25 million annual sales. He owned and managed a chain of 6 Pizza restaurants which clearly depicts his exceptional managerial skills. He specializes in corporate streamlining, legal audits, corporate organization, business start up, employee management, risk management, and many more.

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All About Matthew Lotze

All About Matthew Lotze | Matt Lotze |

Matthew Lotze: The owner of vacation rentals


Three of the top vacation rental properties in Big Bear, California are owned by Matthew Lotze. These properties fulfill all the vacation needs for families, corporate groups, and more. He manages these properties on his own and his main aim is to serve the visitors in the best way possible. These properties have well furnished rooms, and are equipped with modern amenities so that the visitors do not feel any inconvenience during the stay.


Matthew is a well educated professional


Matthew has various educational qualifications that show that he is a well qualified person. He holds BA (Business) from the University of Colorado Business. He went to the University Of Colorado Business Graduate School and completed his MBA in Business Management in 1991 there. After that, he did PhD. (Sociological Theology) from the Trinity University in 2001.


He has great professional career


Matthew Lotze has tried hands in a variety of businesses. He worked in Real Outlets Stores, LLC where he established retail outlets and internet sales sites chain. He remained in this company for 10 years i.e. from 1995 to 2005, and his work responsibilities were sourcing of merchandise, purchase negotiations, and import/export from 7 nations. He also trained key employees and founded management and training systems for addressing more than 75 to 100 working professionals on all aspects of H/R including risk management, CFO duties, workers compensation, medical, payroll, cash flow and forecasting.


Besides Real Outlets Stores, he has also been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at various companies including Real Estate Developers, Inc. from 1999 to 2005, Cheezy Pizza Company from 2001 to 2005, LiquidationsRus, Inc. from 1996 to 2005, American Marketing Company from 1994 to 2005, Nations Best Franchise from 2002 to 2005, and American Fundraisers from 1991 to 1996.


Matthew Lotze: As a person


He is an intelligent professional who have good knowledge of various languages (fluent in Spanish and basic French and German). He likes singing and cooking very much. He is a fitness enthusiast who loves to take part in various fitness related activities and sports including dancing, skiing, boating, and tennis. Besides all these, he is a benevolent person too. He has donated to various public and other welfare organizations including San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, Big Bear Youth Soccer League, California State Parks, Soroptimist International, Special Olympics, and more. He is also a member of MBA Academy, Mensa.

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Matt Lotze Provides Top 7 Tips For Business Start-Ups

Before starting and running your business, it requires a wide range of skills, tenacity and lots and lots of hard work. While formulating your business plans, it is highly possible that your business plan will be plain wrong. If you need expert advice on business start up and the winning tricks to make it a success in a long run, then read some tips given by experienced professionals who have started many business startups and made them success.

Matt Lotze is one among those experienced and successful professionals who has comprehensive knowledge in dealing with start ups and serving many reputed companies as the CEO. He also founded a chain of retail stores with $25 million annual sales. He has founded managed and organized seven companies and possesses the knowledge of all practical working aspects. He owned and managed a chain of 6 Pizza restaurants which shows that he has a special talent of corporate streamlining. To help you focus on making the right business choice, Matt Lotze can help you with some tips which he has collected from his experience journey.

Here are top 10 tips to get your business started as you mean to go on. Find a way to make a way living from your passion.

- Be certain what you want to achieve and arrange a set of goals of how you are going to achieve your vision.


- Try to take small steps to start with. Don’t give up all your time and put your life savings into the venture straight away.


- Develop your USP - Unique Selling Proposition or a compelling reason for someone to purchase from you.

- Create a digital presence and social media strategies to ensure they prevail in maximizing brand exposure.


- Develop your marketing messages, advertising and tailor your services to limit the obstacles.


- Know your competition and try to offer different, better and cheaper.


- Matt Lotze suggests maintaining a positive outlook and facing your challenges head on.


At present, he is working as a business management advisor with vacation rentals and real estate investing company. Matt Lotze has done BA in Business from the University of Colorado Business in 1989 and after that he did MBA in Business Management in1991 from the same university. Then, furthering his studies, he did law from University of Colorado Law in 1993. He is also a PhD. Holder in Sociological Theology from Trinity University in 2001.

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Matt Lotze Has A Broad Professional Career

Matt Lotze Has A Broad Professional Career | Matt Lotze |

Matt Lotze is a resident of San Diego, California. He is the owner and operator of vacation rentals (Village Vacation Retreat, Lily Bear Lodgings, and Edgewood Mansion). All these vacation rentals are located at beautiful locations of Big Bear and can be used for corporate events, reunions, weddings, and parties. Before engaging in this business, Matt has been a part of various companies in the country. His professional experience is as under:


American Fundraisers, Inc. (from 1991 to 1996)


Lotze founded American Fundraisers in 1991 And served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). While working in this company, his job responsibilities were sourcing of merchandise, purchase negotiations, and products import. He also created a warehouse and distribution system for products.


Nations Best Franchise, Inc. (from 2002 to 2005)


Matt Lotze established and protected trademarks, intellectual property, and franchise. In addition, he also negotiated with suppliers and franchisees.


American Marketing Company (from 1994 to 2005)


Matt established American Marketing Company and served as CEO for almost 10 years. He remained in this company for 11 years and during this time, he negotiated large scale purchasing of TV, radio, and print advertising. In addition, he was also engaged in overseeing the implementation of vinyl sign manufacturing equipment.


LiquidationsRus, Inc. (from 1996 to 2005)


In this company, Lotze was engaged in sourcing and negotiation of large scale purchases. He established logistic channels for shipping to domestic as well as international locations. In addition, Matt Lotze also created key buying/selling relationships. He managed sales staff and trained management on his own.


Cheezy Pizza Company (from 2001 to 2005)


As the CEO at Cheezy Pizza Company, he managed working professionals and trained managers. Other than these, he also negotiated with suppliers, purchased equipment, and supervised key employees.


Real Estate Developers (from 1999 to 2005)


In this company, he supervised leases, did purchase negotiations, property maintenance, trained key employees, CFO duties, P and L review, cash flow and forecasting, etc. In addition, he also oversaw all renting activities.


Real Outlets Stores (from 1995 to 2005)


Lotze founded and operated Real Outlets Stores, his job responsibilities were import/export from 7 countries, purchase negotiations, sourcing of merchandise, and much more.

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Matt Lotze

Matt Lotze | Matt Lotze |

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A Look At Matt Lotze's Successful Professional Journey

A Look At Matt Lotze's Successful Professional Journey | Matt Lotze |

Matt Lotze is a highly accomplished business entrepreneur with excellent managerial skills. The companies he founded in 1998 logged more than $24 million in annual sales, which is considered as a great achievement in his career. During his professional journey, he has founded and served many renowned companies.


CEO and founder at American Fundraisers, Inc: Lotze founded and operated as the CEO of American Fundraisers, Inc from 1991 selling his company in 1996. He set up a full scale product fund-raising company, and established a strong network with different suppliers across the globe. He has excellent inspirational and communication skills that had helped him grow in his field and establish good associations.


CEO at Nations Best Franchise, Inc: In 2002, Matt Lotze was the founder and CEO at Nations Best Franchise, Inc. (The names in rights holder of the franchise cheesy pizza company) He worked at the concept for 3 years and successfully achieved his business targets selling the company in 2005. He was the owner of Cheezy Pizzamark and had established and protected franchise, trademarks, and intellectual property.


CEO at American Marketing Company, Inc: He served American Marketing Company, Inc. for 11 years and negotiated large scale dealing of television, print advertising, and radio. He supervised a full scale marketing and advertising company with comprehensive banner and color sign capabilities.


CEO at LiquidationsRus, Inc: While working as the CEO for 5 years at LiquidationsRus, Inc, Lotze organized an oversupply wholesale company with higher internet sales, including wholesale product liquidation and large quantity liquidations. Liquidations R Us was the internet sales arm of the real deal stores machining over a million dollars in annual sales pioneering the internet sales industry.


CEO at Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc: For 4 years, as the CEO of Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc, he used to supervise trained managers and restaurant employees. He had a crucial role in negotiating school lunch program sales. Lotze sold the company in 2005 with nation's best franchise.


CEO at Real Estate Developers, Inc: Lotze was a very dedicated entrepreneur and leader. He had worked diligently for the progress and success of his company. He successfully fulfilled property management and commercial real estate development services over an area of 300,000 sf. He operated the company for 6 years, converting underperforming retail strip centers 50 percent plus vacancy rates into performing fully leased venues.


CEO at Real Outlets Stores, LLC: He offered his exceptional services at the company for 10 years, and looked after various departments, including sourcing of merchandise, import/export from 7 countries, purchase negotiations, etc.


Business Management and Law Adviser: Matt Lotze has worked as a business management and law adviser at a renowned law company for 9 years and has advised more than 40 companies on structuring, business management, and legal matter as well.


These days, he is busy with his vacation rentals and real estate investing business. Lotze is currently looking globally for real estate and business investments.

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