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Rescooped by Jackson Evenden from Solving by using the Quadratic Formula!

Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Formula | Maths |
The Quadratic Formula is a great method for solving any quadratic equation. These step by step examples and practice problems will guide you through the process of using the quadratic formula.

Via Madi Suddreth
Jackson Evenden's insight:

Read over Quadratic Formula:


If you were given the equation; 10x^2+4x-19 = 0; Name values of A, B and C, and solve for value(s) of x. 


When you have solved your answer and have a value of x, why is it important to sub your answers into the original equation?



Vergel Merano Duero's curator insight, August 23, 2014 1:16 AM

Finding the roots of Quadratic Equation using Quadratic formula


Scooped by Jackson Evenden!

An introduction to common 'grammatical' errors in algebra

An introduction to common 'grammatical' errors in algebra | Maths |
Mathematics is a language, and like any language, it is possible to have bad grammar.
Jackson Evenden's insight:

As per your past algebra quiz, I think it would be very beneficial for you all to have a read of this. It will clearly outline some silly 'grammatical' errors that I have seen throughout your tests. It gives simple examples as to where these mistakes occur.

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